1. Yonebayashian

    Chocolate causing gut irritation?

    I love chocolate and would be eating copious amounts of it but for the past couple of years I've been dealing with gut irritation linked mania. It's gotten a lot better over time but one of the things that would immediately strongly send me into an episode would be after having chocolate powder...
  2. D

    Theory, which may explain copper toxicity/deficiency/low cerruloplasmin

    I have been studying the topic of copper for a long time. I previously linked copper toxicity to my, ADHD(ADHD and copper toxicity). But I also have low cerruloplasmin and copper deficiency symptoms such as fatigue and balance problems. I intuitively understood that a person can be toxic and...
  3. Mr Joe

    Weather's Original and Kinder Chocolate

    I know some guys here are eating occasionally haribo gold bear. Does anyone here have an oppinion on kinder chocolate and weather's ogirinal ? ingredients weathers : SUGAR, GLUCOSE SYRUP (WHEAT), CREAM (MILK), CONDENSED WHEY, BUTTER, CANE SUGAR SYRUP, SALT, SOY LECITHIN, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOUR...
  4. M


    Any potential problems with 50-70g of (additive-free) milk chocolate every day? I can't seem to get enough of it, and it's a rich calorie source (I need calories). But Ray seems to think that allergies can develop... I don't want to keep wolfing it down if there's a good reason I shouldn't!
  5. Twohandsondeck

    Bar Of Chocolate Brings Man Back To Life (anemia Symptom Reversal?)

    Hey guys, In my head this is a 1+1=2 anecdote, but it requires a few sentences of context. Summarized conclusion: about 450 calories of 100% dark chocolate reversed symptoms of fatigue and lack of motivation. ___________ For the last few weeks, something like 80% of my calories have come from...
  6. L

    Dark Chocolate For Stress Reduction

    Dark chocolate reduces my stress. I know many other people crave chocolate in times of stress. Why does dark chocolate work so well? Even 20 grams of dark chocolate successfully reduces my stress level. It works very fast too. It has a calming effect on me. It also increases my mental energy.
  7. P

    Very Very High Chromium Content Of Cocoa Powder,according To This Study

    Its super high, a few savings of chocolate may deliver more than upper limit of chromium. Not sure,maybe its an error! Upper limit of chromium apparently is 1,000 mcg. According to this study 4grams of cocoa powder contains about 400mcg of chromium. Macro- and Microelemental Composition and...
  8. L

    The Magical Thing Eating Chocolate Does To Your Brain

    The Magical Thing Eating Chocolate Does to Your Brain :crazy: lolol The magical thing eating chocolate does to your brain
  9. P

    Dark Chocolate Increase Nitric Oxide

    Effect of dark chocolate on nitric oxide serum levels and blood pressure in prehypertension subjects. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract AIM: to investigate the effect of consumption of dark chocolate 30 g/day for fifteen days on Nitric oxide (NO) serum levels and blood pressure in male and female...
  10. J

    Black Cocoa

    I just picked some up, have been chocolate-milkin' it for the past few days. Anyone else tried it?
  11. uuy8778yyi

    What Causes The "high" From Raw Chocolate

    I don't reccomend raw chocolate, get the roasted stuff instead however it decreased anxiety and I felt better what causes this ?
  12. T

    Chocolate Syrup?

    Does any one know any good brands of chocolate syrup? I want to make mochas but the only chocolate syrups I can find have too many additives or soy lecithin. The best one I could find just had xanthan gum added, does anyone know how bad that is supposed to be? I know it just works as a thickener...
  13. E

    Milk Chocolate

    We always hear about how good dark chocolate is for us; "low in sugar" "gives a good dose of magnesium" "high in quality fats." Since we know that sugar isn't the Diabeetus Devil, is there anything wrong with milk chocolate in the place of dark? Sugar, fat, some minerals, the milk in it - though...
  14. lvysaur

    Dark chocolate and throat pain

    I like my hot chocolate very rich and chocolatey, not milky; the somewhat bland taste and light color of chocolate ice cream always bothered me as a kid, and I liked the darker, fudgier flavors. The thing is, it's very easy to consume a huge amount of dark chocolate this way. For a cup of...
  15. sprinter

    Brand/Type of Chocolate?

    I need more magnesium in my diet and want to get some cocoa (or is it cacao) powder. I'm wondering what the best type would be... is it important for it to be Raw? How about Organic? Should I avoid alkalized? I definitely want to get the powder as it is lower in fat then other forms of...
  16. J

    Why does chocolate iron content vary so much?

    Should I be skeptical of my chocolate label when it says 2 percent DV per ounce? This is "Fearless" dark chocolate. I have been eating it because of this but wondering why every other chocolate I come across has such high levels of iron in its nutritional information. Does anyone know the...
  17. J

    Soy Lecithin Free Chocolate

    I don't know if there is a thread already on soy lecithin free chocolate, if there isn't here it is. Please list the brands of soy-free chocolate you find. I'll start. Meybona Organic Milk Chocolate Ingredients: raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder (26%), cocoa mass, bourbon...