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  1. A

    The Role Of Extra-Oral Bitter Taste Receptors In The Treatment Of COVID-19

    Existing bitter medicines for fighting COVID-19 associated infectious diseases The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has led to more than seven thousand deaths. Unfortunately, there are no specific drugs available to cure this disease. Type 2 taste receptors (TAS2Rs) may play an important role in...
  2. H

    Pharma Disinformation Campaign On Chloroquins And Covid-19

    When I was a kid I came across an ad in a magazine for a device guaranteed to kill mosquitos. Intrigued, I sent in two dollars and received two pieces of wood, with the instructions "Place mosquito on block of wood, mash with the other block". I'm sure it would kill viruses too. A...
  3. burtlancast

    Coronavirus: Chloroquine (and Vitamin D)

    Say the truth about Vit C and chloroquine, allow free production/commercialization/self treatment. There's no other way. (PS: i didn't create this thread out of my free will: Charlie and Giraffe conspired together to strong-arm me into it.)
  4. ecstatichamster

    Chloroquine Is Very Harmful As A Covid-19 Treatment - Why Are They Touting It?

    Dr. Peat on his recent Politics and Science interviews said it is bad. There is plenty of back up to his opinion, as usual. It damages DNA especially, it appears, on dividing stem cells. Note that we are told the most recent Chinese treatment has been losartan and cinaneserin -- something...