1. L

    Do you regret having a child?

    All things considered, if you could go back in time, would you still choose to have offspring?
  2. Peatful

    FBI: International Pedophile Satanic Cult

    Posting fresh for those that boo hoo’ed the pedo and occult threads made well over a year ago Be alert This is happening in our neighborhoods and communities Oh And at Disney of course Here’s...
  3. Peatful

    “What Is A Woman” Documentary

    View: I haven’t had a chance to watch yet Hope others will find interest Hoping i can watch with my girls possibly They blocked it But Elon released it
  4. AlphaCog

    All Electric Ice-Cream Van

    Nissan e-NV200 van: ‘The UK’s first zero-emission ice-cream van’ Time to phase out old vans with their engines idling, churning out foul emissions for kids to breathe in How cool is that? Ice-cream without the carbon monoxide. The Nissan e-NV200. Nissan e-NV200 Price from £20,005 0-62mph 14...
  5. L

    Why did Ray choose not to have a child?

    I think this is an important topic, and I think, as a biologist and thinker, he may have interesting thoughts about having offspring. Has anyone asked Ray Peat about his choice of not having a child, and his thoughts on having offspring in general?
  6. NewACC

    Why do children have so good health if their androgens low?

    After thinking about peating, I wondered: why are children so metabolically ideal that they even overtake elite athletes by this factor, if their androgenic level is very low? Is it strange that everyone on the forum is talking about the rejuvenating effect of androgens, if children are the...
  7. Peatful

    “BEST KEPT SECRET” Documentary by Sean Stone

    Broken into 6 parts: 1- the Beast 2- mind control 3- compromise 4- the NWO 5- blood ritual 6- Archons Im on part 2 now Watch the trailer for free:
  8. Peatful

    Are you aware of the WHO Pandemic Treaty: APRIL 12th and what it means for you?

    While people were discussing a slap at the Oscars- you were being distracted from many things. Today, April 12th the WHO is holding a pandemic treaty regarding our future freedoms. This is a GLOBAL treaty. This is an unacceptable threat to sovereignty. This will take health decisions out of...
  9. Peatful

    We CAN help the children! (?)

    URGENT: On February 15th the FDA will meet to discuss EUA for 6 month to 5 year olds receiving the vxx. Pfizer-BioNtech itself says it’s not ready- but the White House is pushing for it. Comments that you leave on the link provided- if received before February 10th- WILL be indeed read and...
  10. Peatful

    The Agenda Being Pushed: the Normalization of Sex with Children

    Are you aware of this? Are you comfortable hearing this? USA Today had an op-ed piece supporting pro pedophilia. Tik Tok is filled with Liberals debating such a demonic agenda. Professors pushing this evil. A few screenshots below as evidence. “They” want to normalize sex with children...
  11. Drareg

    Children anti-depressants, 231,791 prescriptions UK in 2020

    Western nations are really destroying themselves at this rate, kids at 5 years of age and up getting prescribed SSRI’s, the medical establishment needs to reeled in ASAP. COVID was the excuse used to justify this, it’s driven by profit margins for big pharma, the parents must be stupid, it’s...
  12. haidut

    Metabolically, children are different species compared to adults

    A great study, which once again puts metabolism in the spotlight. Many studies have tried to discover the main biological differences between children and adults and so far none of them have discovered a "smoking gun". At the same time, multiple studies have demonstrated that children are much...
  13. B

    4 Stages of Manipulation but Stage 5 is "No"

    The more we simply go to Stage 5 and say, “No,” the quicker this entire operation collapses and we can get on with Stage 6, fixing what was broken. Now Is The Time To Strike At The Root Of Confidence | ZeroHedge
  14. B

    Bill Maher on Higher Education and Olympic Games

  15. Mito

    Children Should Not Be Forced To Wear Masks Due To CO2 Levels, New Study Suggests
  16. Giraffe

    Children should not be vaccinated against covid-19 says WHO

    COVID-19 Vaccines Advice ( In Germany the schientific committee that is responsible for making recommendation regarding vaccines also advices against vaccinating children. The government and the mass media push them regardless,
  17. boris

    Children (non Infectious, 0% Death Rate) Are Harmed For Life By Social Distancing And Isolation

    Coronavirus: No child known to have passed COVID-19 to adults, global study finds Bloomberg | Are schools reopening this fall? Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID but are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture Techniques @haidut...
  18. haidut

    DC Law Now Allows Secret Vaccinations Of Children

    The law is actually much worse than the title suggests. It allows medical and school staff to "approach" children as young as 11 and manipulate them behind their parents' backs to "consent" to vaccinations the parents oppose. Think about it? Can an 11 year old child truly have the so-called...
  19. Drareg

    Tavistock Child Gender Clinic

    Please watch this even if you don’t have kids. Please spread the video also. The people behind this narrative are almost certainly linked into the Paedo elites and the Epstein ring. This vid doesn’t go this far. The cancel culture witch hunt on those who spoke about these issues on social media...
  20. H

    Is It Safe To Give A 4 Year Old Girl Progesterone?

    Hello everyone! My daughter (who is 4) was born with high estrogen levels, the doctor knew because she had swollen nipples. Her doctor at the time said that we would wait it out and around 6 months the swelling disappeared so I thought nothing of it. I have successfully used progesterone for...
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