chest pain

  1. H

    Heart/Chest pain post COVID [myocarditis]? Help needed please

    Hi guys hope you're all well. Recently both me and my brother contracted COVID or w/e . I'm unvaccinated ofcourse but he isn't. After a horrible first week (but still very minor in the grand scheme of things, I've had way worse viruses) we have both recovered but I continue to have cold...
  2. Chai-jin

    2 month + malady, currently in morning spit globs of blood despite having had all the blood tests - possible 'shedding'?

    So not really a forum user generally and I've no idea where to post this but I thought I'd try this here as the forum seems to be populated by some of the more sensible people on the internet Not sure this is the right section, was gonna post in blood labs but as they came up clean... here goes...
  3. UG Krishnamurti

    Chest/Lung/Back Pain - Like a broken ribcage

    So I remember I was a kid and I had these intense chest pain where I couldn't even walk from the pain - did the MRI and all the tests and everything was fine. [ It's also at the opposite side of the chest - the whole back area ] It's also some feeling of stiffness like I cannot...
  4. youngsinatra

    Chest Pains After Egg Consumption?

    Hey guys, I'm observing an interesting sensation: every time I eat whole eggs, I get this kind of chest pain that lasts for a few hours, sometimes even until the next morning. I don't feel that comfortable with this and also makes me a bit concerned about my heart health. Back when I was...
  5. Amazoniac

    RP Email Advice Comment: Causes Of Chest Pain

    Why? Anything else besides endotoxin?
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