1. Sapien

    Just found out about emulsifiers in fortified milk, best alternative for casein protein?

    Seems as though nothing is untainted in our modern food supply, such a disgrace. what are best alternatives to fortified milk? Some solutions I have thought of were powdered milk ( is that fortified? Hard to tell.) , cheese (although I think peat cautions against most cheeses due to the...
  2. Peatful

    Living to 120. Pregnancies at 65. See what they eat and how they live.

    View: Fascinating.
  3. JamesGatz

    Is Casein the Devil ? Major calcification issues from Dairy with Casein

    Hello All, I have a big issue here driving me off a wall I am hoping someone knowledgeable can help me with and I will try to keep it brief: My main protein sources before this: A2 Milk (lowfat 2% Vitamin A and D added) - Digests great, but doesn't make me as warm as cheese - give me...
  4. Amazoniac

    The Consequences Of Cheese As A Main Source Of Protein

    After Travis' insistence on the dangers of elevated homocysteine levels, it reminded me of a suspicion that cheeses are a refined food, just like muscle meat without other parts of the animal, and so it must have negative effects if you consume a lot without compensating for the loss. To his...
  5. P

    Ginger Milk Curd - Cheese Recipe Using Ginger As Rennet - Fresh Ginger May Improve Protein Digestion

    so ginger's protease must be very good digestion aid for protein meal.making it more bioavailable. the quantity of fresh ginger they used is not that much. Ginger milk curd - Wikipedia Ginger milk curd -------------- sounds great especially if used with lactase milk, very easy digestion...
  6. P

    Spermidine, Found In Cheese And Semen, Extends Lifespan Of Mice And May Work For Humans Aging is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death. Here we show that oral...
  7. D

    Natamycin And Cheese

    Is anyone familiar with natamycin? I bought some Parmesan cheese and just noticed it on the ingredient list.
  8. ecstatichamster

    What's Wrong With "enzymes" In Cheese?

    Ray has pointed out that more and more foods are made differently today, with new technology. Then someone begins reacting to the food. Like examples are pulpless orange juice, Armour thyroid, and even cheese. Do you know if the "enzymes" added to almost all inexpensive cheeses today are safe...
  9. ken

    New fish oil products on horizon ... 133249.htm Soon to pollute goat cheese.
  10. Y

    Is This Cheese Healthy? Found Better Ones In Australia?

    I am trying to find healthy sources of cheese that DO NOT have enzymes but its impossible to find from looks of it. I have found the NON-GRATED version of this one, which I really like: The non-grated version...
  11. Ulla

    Fromage Frais 0 % - Leclerc

    Hi, I am buying this product and I am wondering if it is safe for use. It doesn't say that has any gumis but the structure is like Philadelphia cheese and I am sceptical. Does anyone here also buy this in Lecler? (French supermarket)
  12. S

    What to have with cheese

    I found this cheese at the grocery store that is great with crackers, but I don't want to eat crackers because of the PUFAs (and I think I'd rather avoid grains in general). Is there anything cracker-like that might be good?
  13. L

    Friendship Cottage Cheese now with carrageenan?

    Anyone else on a here a loyal purchaser of Friendship cottage cheese because it is 1 of 2 national brands without fillers/thickeners/stabilizers? I have been eating their 4% CC for years now and just happened to glance at the ingredients today and to my disappointment carrageenan and locust gum...
  14. C

    is cheese quark good?

    ingredient list looks fine but it taste a bit like yoghourt, which is not good?
  15. Xisca

    I'd Like To Understand Better All About Dairies.

    There are really different points about dairies, and I find it complicated to cross all the criterias to take into account. Some people have problem with lactose, others with caseine.... some with milk and cheese is ok, or only some cheese.... Fermenting is supposed to be good... or bad. I...
  16. B

    Cheese/Milk tryptophan

    I've been using the cronometer (I don't know how accurate that thing is) and for 30g of protein, I always get far higher readings for tryptophan in cheeses than I do for milks. I was always under the impression that because the whey is taken away, cheeses are a lot lower in tryptophan? I'm...
  17. B

    Cheese And Crackers, What To Replace Crackers With?

    I like cheese but not unless I've got something crunchy and tasteless like a cracker to pair it with. :lol: What can I replace crackers with on a Peat diet, or at least how to make cheese more palatable? Sadly, all the crackers I have and I've seen consist of two major ingredients, wheat or...
  18. sunmountain

    Farmer's cheese

    I have figured out a way to eat homemade farmer's cheese everyday for lunch: Saute a tiny amount of veggies in CO (I'm going to try chopped tomatoes next), add lots of farmer's cheese, season it (I like organic powdered coriander, garam masala, turmeric, salt), slip it into a pita pocket, top...
  19. Velve921


    What are everyone's thoughts on the benefits of cheese? I currently do 2-3oz a day of Kerrygolds...delicious! Any suggestions on amount per day?
  20. J

    Cottage/Farmers Cheese Ca/P Ratio

    According to wikipedia, cottage cheese has about 2 units of phosphorus per unit of calcium.