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  1. T

    Activated Charcoal With Probiotic Encapsulation

    Many probiotics today are formulated with specific capsules or coating designed to make it into the colon unscathed. Being that one of the major downsides from consistent activated charcoal use is that it will also bind to "good" nutrients in our small intestine, could we negate these downsides...
  2. DeadCatBounce

    Any idea how to separate Benfotiamine and microcrystalline cellulose ?

    Found a relatively pure supplement from a local manufacturer that has the benfotiamine in a gelatine capsule with some microcrystaline cellulose. Any way to remove the cellulose ?
  3. haidut

    Carboxymethylcellulose, ubiquitous food/drug additive, is highly inflammatory

    This study is a great reminder that we are surrounded by toxins, and that food/drugs/supplements are one of the major sources of those toxins. I already posted several studies demonstrating that industrial citric acid and vitamin C - additive present in virtually all commercial sort drinks and...