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  1. haidut

    The Evidence Is Now CLEAR That Cell Phone Radiation (EMF) Causes Cancer

    There are several threads on the forum about this issue, but up until now the reports from the government always said the link between EMF and cancer is not "clear". Well, now apparently it is and the report is by the same group at NIH that published the initial troubling findings back in...
  2. Westside PUFAs

    How Holding A Cell Phone In Your Hand Can Cause Cancer

    "X-ray damage is not limited to the area being investigated. Deflected x-rays affect adjacent areas, and toxins produced by irradiated cells travel in the bloodstream, causing systemic effects. Dental x-rays cause thyroid cancer and eye cancer. Recent experiments have shown that low doses of...
  3. S

    Cellphones Lower Progesterone And Raise Cortisol

    <<Exposing to 900 MHZ EMF caused decreases in progesterone (p<0.01) and increases in cortisol for both exposed groups (short-term and long-term) (p<0.01) in comparison with control group. >> http://www.biologischekrebstherapie.net ... 4-1088.pdf
  4. haidut

    Cell Phone Usage Does Increase Chance Of Brain Tumors

    This is one of the first case-controlled studies, which is probably the closes we'll ever get to having a placebo-controlled trial with electromagnetic radiation. I don't know if forum readers are aware but the director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, which is one of the premier...