1. Charlieb91

    Is piracetam potentially dangerous?

    Overdosing abuse is usually the culprit in many of these horror stories but it does raise abit of concern when the anecdotal permanent effects are brain fog, depression and even schizophrenia. Piracetam advocates are aware of this small fraction of people who have suffered these effects and...
  2. RenaissanceMan

    CDP-Choline enhances cerebral glucose metabolism, increases cerebral blood flow rate & brain ATP, & decreases the accumulation of lactate in the brain

    I know Ray is against choline supplementation but many nootropics users have had positive experiences with it for improving motivation, memory, and overall cognition. CDP-Choline breaks down into uridine which has many dopaminergic effects on the body as well. @Hans wrote an article on this...
  3. Hans

    How To Boost Dopamine Receptors

    Hi all, Not only can dopamine levels be an issue, but also dopamine sensitivity. Often times there can be a dopamine hypo-sensitivity, so I've written an article on how to increase dopamine receptors. Dopamine receptors: 14 Best supplements and practices and to increase it » MenElite Let me...
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