1. B

    Do cats need carbs?

    This one is for cat lovers :cat: Recently a stray cat brought kittens to our house so we're now in charge of feeding four cats. So I'm wondering, do cats need carbohydrates and what type would be best for them? I know they officially don't, or at least not much, but I recall Ray once saying...
  2. P

    Help Lowering Cat's Liver Enzymes!

    My cat has elevated liver enzymes that the vet and I think are caused by either the nasty dehumidifier water she was drinking, a liver tumor(no evidence for this other than the elevated enzymes), or a bacterial infection. The vet wants to put her on denamarin for a month, but I'm hesitant to...
  3. N

    Oldest Cats Aged 34 And 38 Years Ate Bacon And Coffee Each Morning. WTH?

    So, I am trying to make sense of Mehtylene blue's actions, NO2, nitrates, caffeine, and everything else RP has shed light on. This one man fed his cats eggs, broccoli/asparagus, bacon and coffee with cream every morning and two of them lived incredibly long lives by any standard. I would love...
  4. LucyL

    Spaying Cats

    My 2 meezers are scheduled to get fixed soon. They are over a year old, weigh about 5-6 pounds each, and are cycling pretty regularly. I wonder if anyone has thoughts or recommendations about how to ease the trauma of the hormonal shift (at least one will most likely be in heat at the time...