1. haidut

    Quinine - liquid product for R&D

    Just a placeholder thread for now, until I organize all the references I think would be interesting/relevant to post here. For now, a quote from Peat on a recent interview about quinine and inflammation/ACE2, a very long thread/discussion in regards to quinine's anti-serotonin effects, and some...
  2. pauljacob

    Eggs Under Attack Again

    An short article in the Atlantic says that intestinal bacteria convert Choline in eggs into a compound that correlates strongly with heart disease, stroke, and death. The study implicates Carnitine and Choline. It seems that business-backed studies are hitting on eggs again as a killer. Here's...
  3. haidut

    Doxycycline Akin To Meldonium / Mildronate, May Cure Triple-negative Breast Cancer

    Once again, the role of excessive fat oxidation is on full display. While mainstream medicine is slowly and reluctantly admitting that cancer may in fact be a metabolic disease, it still views glucose as the primary oncogenic factor in the diet. Yet, little by little, research demonstrates that...
  4. P

    Biotin May Lower Carnitin Production And Suppress Beta Oxidation

    Targeting demyelination and virtual hypoxia with high-dose biotin as a treatment for progressive multiple sclerosis - ScienceDirect And other studies also shown that biotin lowers free fatty acid levels. Biotin Decreases Serum Free Fatty Acids
  5. haidut

    Supplementary Choline Raises Risk Of Blood Clots; Aspirin To The Rescue

    Ray has written about the dangers of choline and its close relationship with estrogen. The histamine and acetylcholine receptors are perhaps the two main systems through which estrogen negatively affects the systemic health of the organism. As such, antihistamine and antocholinergic drugs can...
  6. Drareg

    Lysine-carnitine Conversion

    Many studies on here about the positives of Lysine, Peat in a recent email said he thought Lysine was safe,in saying that he never really writes or talks much about it. I explored lysine myself and got an effect from it ,like many have mentioned, I didn't feel the need to use it regularly...
  7. haidut

    Carnitine Is A Glucocorticoid Agonist, Acts Like Cortisol

    Most people on the forum know of Ray's views on carnitine due to the fact that it stimulates fat oxidation. The drug mildronate, which Ray has written about, is a carnitine antagonist and is used as a performance enhancing drug by many athletes. This study shows that there is another good reason...
  8. haidut

    L-Carnitine Is Anti-thyroid

    This study discusses the well-known effect of thyroid hormone on mitochondrial biogenesis, so nothing new really except the reference to the activities of the amino acid L-Carnitine on thyroid hormone uptake: "...Also, the effect of TRIAC (a...
  9. J

    L-carnitine In Red Meat: Bad?

    Just a study that some mainstream nutritionists are discussing, claiming it might finally explain why red meat is bad despite being low in saturated fat.
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