1. haidut

    Dietary Supplements With Chromium May Be Carcinogenic

    I am pretty sure most people on the forum are familiar with the movie "Erin Borkovich" and the story it tells on the intentional poisoning of a few cities in California with the carcinogenic chromium VI. The official story has always been that chromium III is safe and it has no relation to...
  2. haidut

    Estrogen is a kidney carcinogen

    More evidence for the carcinogenicity of estrogen.
  3. haidut

    Every Woman In US Is Continuously Exposed To Carcinogens

    I am not sure why they limit this statement to women, since those carcinogens are known to affect men as well. The part I find ironic is that they list HRT (probably estrogen) as one of the known carcinogens, while at the same time we get bombarded with studies about its benefits...
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