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carbon dioxide

  1. miquelangeles

    CO2, a common denominator in altered states of consciousness - meditation, mesmerism, hypnosis, fakirism, ecstasy, anesthesia, near death experiences

    The most extensive CO2 research in the 20th century was done separately by Ladislas Meduna and Ernst Gellhorn in the context of psychiatric diseases, consciousness and autonomic physiology. Meduna was a professor of psychiatry and neurology and Gellhorn was a professor of neurophysiology. But...
  2. miquelangeles

    The psychoactive effects of carbon dioxide

    Excerpt from the book Encyclopedia of Mind Enhancing Foods, Drugs and Nutritional Substances, 2d Ed. Carbogen AKA: Meduna’s Mixture. Effects: According to Russ Kick in The Disinformation Book of Lists: “When you inhale the mixture of oxygen (70 percent) and carbon dioxide (30 percent), your...
  3. miquelangeles

    Effect of carbon dioxide baths on the sex and reproductive organs

    Excerpt from the book titled: ON CARBONIC ACID, ITS PROPERTIES - PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL; ON ITS THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS AS ANESTHETIC, DISINFECTANT, HEALING, RESOLVING, ETC., In wounds and ulcerations; in diseases of the organs of digestion, respiration, innervation, generation...
  4. miquelangeles

    CO2-releasing suppository quickly and effectively relieves constipation

    https://www.nature.com/articles/nrgastro.2014.116 Efficacy of a CO2-releasing suppository in dyschezia: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial https://link.springer.com/article/10.2165/00044011-200525080-00002...
  5. miquelangeles

    Effect of carbon dioxide on animal life (December 16, 1894)

    Excerpts from the 1894 publication: 90 per cent, of the total scientific experiments on the effects of noxious gases on animal life have been made by the Germans and the French, and for the last decade scarcely any experiments have been made by scientists of any nationality, the results...
  6. miquelangeles

    On baths and showers of CO2 - The French Academy of Sciences (1855)

  7. miquelangeles

    Ulcerating breast cancer cured by applying CO2 externally (year 1794)

  8. DeadCatBounce

    Rectal CO2 with carbonated water enema ? Experiment

    A bit weird thread and experiment. Been having hair shedding issue last few days due to a DHEA experiment for which I posted a separate thread. Yesterday decided to carbonate some purified water with my sodastream and use it on the scalp to see if it helps. While I was pouring the carbonated...
  9. B

    Baking Soda, CO2, Personal Experiences

    Has anyone had negative effects during or after chronic baking soda use? I had been taking around 1 tsp, 3x / day and felt really great. I was more relaxed, reading a lot, skin looked much better, circulation felt better based on temperature of hands and feet. After a month or so, I started...
  10. ecstatichamster

    Anyone have good CO2 tank, bag resources and experience

    I bought a CO2 tank but it’s not with me. Do you have experience and sources for the big body bag, tank etc.? Dr. Peat’s discussions on Radio One have gotten me re-interested in this. CO2 has been the greatest thing for me so far, ever.
  11. JamesGatz

    What can I feed a plant to ensure it grows healthy ?

    A family member recently brought some plants inside my house - I quiet enjoy the presence in the home I definitely feel like there is something positive it's doing to the air that has a great effect on my metabolism What is a peaty environment for plants ? I don't have the resources to build...
  12. Hans

    CO2 might be the stronger and safest anti-inflammatory agent against RONA

    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34741187/ "Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signalling pathways are crucial for developmental processes, oncogenesis, and inflammation, including the production of proinflammatory cytokines caused by reactive oxygen species and upon severe acute respiratory...
  13. S

    CO2 Bag Bath Experience

    Been wanting to play around with CO2 for awhile now and finally got the inspiration to go out and get everything needed. Here's what I did followed by my experience: Warning: You can suffocate and die, please go slowly, make sure someone is around, and always empty the bag of CO2 after your...
  14. md_a

    Method and apparatus for carbon dioxide therapy (CDT) of addictons

    Abstract: Method and apparatus for a non-addictive therapy for addiction, includng heroin, methadone and alcohol; the patient briefly breathes heated gas containing 79-80% carbon dioxide delivered through a face mask not touching the patient's face, treatments for several weeks or less sufficing...
  15. A

    Humidified Warmed CO2 Treatment Therapy Strategies Can Save Lives With Mitigation and Suppression of SARS-CoV-2 Infection

    The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has presented enormous challenges for healthcare, societal, and economic systems worldwide. There is an urgent global need for a universal vaccine to cover all SARS-CoV-2 mutant strains to stop the current COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of an...
  16. Hans

    Perfect health trilogy for reducing stress, lowering cortisol and improving health

    Hi guys, I haven't been writing a lot of articles lately since I've got a lot on my plate atm. Soon I'll start writing more again, but in the meanwhile, I'm relatively active on my YT channel. I thought I'd share this vid about stress management since keeping stress at bay is one of the most...
  17. llian

    Brain Cancer stage 4 glioblastoma giant cells. What options are available?

    This is about a family member. She is 56yo. This morning she was diagnosed with head cancer... doctors gave her a short term to live. They want to put her on chemotherapy. What can i do for her ? Is there any way possible to reverse this ? @haidut @mrchibbs @Tarmander
  18. Philomath

    Need help debunking or confirming- Study claims reduction in cognitive performance due to wearing masks, and their increase in CO2.

    https://alumni.berkeley.edu/california-magazine/summer-2016-welcome-there/your-brain-carbon-dioxide-research-finds-even-low “Office Workers and Elevated CO2: Reductions in cognitive performance as CO2 raised from 550 to 945 to 1400 ppm on separate days” Associations of Cognitive Function Scores...
  19. md_a

    Yandell Henderson CARBON DIOXIDE

    Editing remarks in red with some addition of bold italic topic headings by Barnett J. Weiss, MA, LCSW Senior Buteyko Breathing Educator of the BBEA and compliments of www.buteykonyc.com CARBON DIOXIDE by Yandell Henderson, Ph.D from the : Cyclopedia of Medicine ( 1940 ) ---HISTORY--- On May...
  20. Hans

    The Best Pre-workout Carb Sources

    Fueling your workouts properly is key to performing optimally. Sometimes is difficult to get it right. Either the amount is not enough, or we get gastric upset, or worse, hypoglycemia during the workout. With the right carb source, we can prevent that from happening. A few benefits of...