1. A-Tim

    Oyster Source/Brand - Glass/Jarred Rather Than Fresh/Canned

    1) Fresh Oysters Pro - Healthy and fresh. Con - Expensive and a pain to buy as they don't keep a long time. 2) Canned Oysters Pro - Cheap, portable, long-lasting. Con - Canned - along with whatever contaminants that might include - BPA, alum, etc. Does anyone know of an alternative to canned...
  2. B

    Oyster Soup Recipe Using Boiled In Water Canned

    I've had this can or tin of whole oysters boiled in water for a while. And I keep bringing it out of the cupboard, putting it on the kitchen counter, and in a few days putting it away because I never want to fix and eat them. Today, decided to look up a recipe and plan to make it even if I am...
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