1. Mauritio

    Vitamin B2 very effective against Candida strains in vitro and in vivo

    Vitamin B2 has been shown to have anti-bacterial effects (even against anti-biotic-resistant bacteria) and anti-endotoxin effects. As it seems B2 also has potent anti-fungal effects. The researchers first looked at its effects in vivo finding that : " The formation of C. albicans hyphae and...
  2. A

    Nystatin Experiences

    Hi everyone, I was speaking to a friend who is Hypothyroid like myself (My TSH is 2.2). She mentioned that her Doctor prescribed her Nystatin tablets due to having yeast issues, and Nystatin was very helpful for her especially with Digestion (less bloating), less hairloss and itching around...
  3. A

    Best tolerated Sugar for SIBO/Candida Patients

    I have SIBO and perhaps candida issues due to being hypothyroid. This may be why I can't tolerate sugars and artificial sweeteners. I get extreme stomach bloat, back pain, scalp itch and diarrhea(from artificial sweeteners) . I have tried white and brown sugar, honey, agave, maple, stevia...
  4. M

    Magnesium intolerance and candida

    I've always benefitted from topical magnesium, but i was never able to take oral magnesium. I've explained in other posts how i cured my gut pain (IBS-c with lots of cramps and pain, but without much constipation). Basically, Zinc and choline cured my pain and cramps, and improved digestion...
  5. Sweatshop Toad

    Three Day Niacin Flush

    Lately, whenever I take regular niacin (not niacinamide) I've begun exhibiting some very unusual symptoms. In addition to the immediate flush, I find that I'll also experience a less intense (about 50% the strength) flush periodically for the next few days at random intervals. Additionally, I...
  6. J


    Can anyone be so kind to tell me if TUDCA is alkaline in nature once in the stomach. I had a terrible reaction to Bile salts because my stomach is so alkaline and caused my SIBO/Candida to blow up. The reason for the SIBO is because my digestive system is a mess after going through long term...
  7. CosmicDancer444

    Flowers of Sulfur Links +

    Any recommendations for clean non-toxic brands of Flowers of Sulphur (FOS) & 10% Sulphur soap for both topical & internal use? Also does anyone know if FOS is the same/has the same benefit as MSM? Any advice & experience using FOS/MSM for topical issues/Vaginal PH imbalance/Yeast infections etc?
  8. CosmicDancer444

    Vaginal Health

    How to deal best with vaginal discomfort as a result of regular hormonal changes/imbalance & often occurring after intercourse? Symptoms include: vaginal itching & vulvar inflammation & irritation, soreness, white lumpy discharge, sometimes dryness. Is this a result of Candida overgrowth or...
  9. B

    Yeast overgrowth!…Candida…Need suggestions..

    So something I feel is not addressed very well in the forum is Yeast issues/overgrowth or what comes to mind for many: Candida. I have the common white tongue and experience the usual symptoms most with this coating experience. Brain fog, bad breath, feeling off … I have read every post on...
  10. Outdoctrination

    Good antifungals?

    I am planning on doing penicillin vk for some gut issues, and have heard taking an antifungal alongside it will prevent a fungal overgrowth in the process. 1. is this true? 2. what are some good antifungals i could use? doses?
  11. G

    Unstable morning temps/ candida / diet

    Hello! I've come seeking help on stabilizing my morning temperature and any other insight. I am 29, female, 140 lbs, 5 ft 7 in. I have been dealing with yeast infections since 2013 and for years cut back on dessert, then fruit then carbs. I have tried many "candida diets" and protocols with...
  12. Sam321

    Asprin/Coconut Oil Enema Potential Solution For Fungus

    So I haven't seen any threads on here that address this, but have heard both coconut oil and aspirin could work wonders on fungus. The only problem being they are mostly absorbed before they hit the colon. 1. Would there be any draw backs to doing an aspirin and/or coconut oil enema? 2. If no...
  13. UG Krishnamurti

    "When candida ends up in your bloodstream it's over!"

    I wanted to ask about this for a long time but I always forget. So Georgi said in a podcast with Danny that if candida ends up in your bloodstream "it's over". I wondered what specifically that means. It seems so discouraging and set in stone. Does that mean that you are screwed for the rest...
  14. Mauritio

    Caprylic acid and Thymol very effective against Candida albicans

    This study shows that caprylic acid combined with thymol and or carvacrol is very effective against Candida albicans . In isolation there was a reduction in candida cells 0,6 log CFU/ml ,but combined the reduction was at least 6,8log CFU/ml. The MoA is a 2 step process. First caprylic acid...
  15. J

    DHT Causes Hair Loss, You Sure About That?

    In the past I've heard georgi say dht actually grows hair and its high in hair loss sufferers because oestrogen is too high. He also says taurine grows hair better than finastride, note this study was in an insect less than the size of an ant. I have never seen any case report with proof than...
  16. Dan W

    KMUD: 12-21-2018 Skin Cancer Part 2

    Direct MP3 link | Podcast setup This one continues the skin cancer topic, but also has a lot on candida, and a bunch of caller questions. Donate to support KMUD Community Radio
  17. haidut

    Candida Overgrowth Is A Major Factor In (alcoholic) Liver Damage / Cirrhosis

    Over the last 5 years or so it has become very fashionable among many "naturopaths" to throw the diagnosis "Candida overgrowth" at every symptom of gut dysfunction people present with at the doctor. Peat has spoken about Candida overgrowth and how the fungus typically only becomes an issue in...
  18. haidut

    Metergoline - Liquid Serotonin Antagonist For Lab/R&D

    This chemical metergoline is a very interesting substance and is a continuation of my search for chemicals that combine several beneficial characteristics into a single molecule/entity. Metergoline belongs to the same class of drugs as bromocriptine, lisuride, cabergoline, terguride, etc...
  19. Dan W

    KMUD: 5-20-16 Exploring Alternatives

    The official topic is Exploring Alternatives, and covers a lot of additional subjects: Genetics Emphysema Clonidine Seizures Artificial sweeteners Shaky hands Candida
  20. haidut

    Niacinamide Is A Potent Antifungal Effective Against Candida

    I posted some studies some time ago showing that aspirin and methylene blue are able to eradicate Candida infections. This study adds niacinamide to the tools we have against pathogenic fungi, and it seems niacinamide is especially effective against Candida. The human equivalent dose was 35mg/kg...
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