1. JamesGatz

    THERE IS NO PROOF the Canada Forest Fires are actually happening

    Great Video from Frank Tufano I'm sharing here: Some points worth noting: -VERY LITTLE to NO footage or live footage of the fires EXIST, on a forest fire THIS BIG, footage should be very easy to obtain, yet NO ONE seems to be taking any footage - the Wind SUPPOSEDLY blew the smoke to the...
  2. M

    Heavy Smoke Across NJ/NY Northeast (Canada Wildfire)

    Hey guys I live in NJ & this is day 2 of dealing with heavy smoke blanketing across our state from Canada's wildfires Its a really foggy haze that is making it seem like it's overcast outside Anyway, the smell is STRONG. Followed by headaches and fatigue while being outside for a few minutes...
  3. Peatful

    March 1st: US Freedom Convoy in DC

    View: Not sure if posted elsewhere on the forum. First I heard of this. Im very interested to see what becomes of this effort. For those active on bitchute, Odyssey, Twitter etc. Please post here for...
  4. K

    Unvaccinated Quebecers will have to pay a 'health contribution,' Legault says

    Scary stuff going down here in Canada:
  5. J

    POOLS CLOSED ONTARIO. Now I can't swim

    Forget gyms and pools, I can't even go to the library to return my books.
  6. haidut

    In Canada, 75% of excess deaths were due to lockdowns, not COVID-19

    We have suspected this for a long time, but this is one of the first studies that provides direct evidence that the lethality of lockdowns was/is much higher than the virus itself. Mainstream media shies away from such studies/reports and the only coverage I have seen in "reputable" mainstream...
  7. Rick K

    Censorship rears it's ugly head in Canada

    Rex Murphy: Liberals' dangerous arrogance didn't begin and won't end with internet-regulation bill ( At least, for the moment, the communist Trudeau has backed off because of the backlash. Canada has had so many liberties that we take for granted but now must be vigilant for. That the...
  8. Giraffe

    ACCESS Consortium (Vaccine Approval) -- No Safety Data? No Problem!

    No Safety Data? No Problem!
  9. haidut

    Pentagon/CIA Sprinkled Carcinogens Over Canada & US, Openly Lied About It

    I am posting this simply as a reminder to all the people who clamor against "conspiracy theories". One of Ray's latest newsletter was about the CIA and his latest podcast with Danny Roddy is also about the activities of this rogue organization around the world. This news article describes a...
  10. biggirlkisss

    Progest In Canada

    looking for progest im in canada do you know where i can buy?
  11. biggirlkisss

    Looking For Activated Charcoal (Canada)

    activated carcoal looking for it in canada where to buy?
  12. C

    WP Thyroid For Canadians

    Hi, anyone know of a place that'll ship WP Thyroid to canada? only ships to the US. And I'm not really interested in the alternatives as I already know about them. Just realized I posted this in the wrong section last time.. sorry thanks!
  13. TheHound

    Shipping Vitamin K2 To Canada

    on the checkout list on iherb it says vitamin k2 is restricted from shipping to canada. have any Canadians ordered thorne k2 from there without problems?
  14. haidut

    Cancer Grows More At Night Under The Influence Of Cortisol

    Very much in line with Peat's writings. If cortisol is so important for tumor growth and Cascara suppresses its syhthesis that would explain a good deal of its anti-cancer effects. Tumors Might Grow Faster at Night - News, Features and Discoveries from the Weizmann Institute of Science "...The...
  15. I

    Will Progest-E Ship To Canada?

    Just reading other posts saying there have been problems with getting this outside the US. Has anyone successfully shipped it into Canada? And if so, what stores would you recommend I try?
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