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  1. BlackMolasses

    People who eat very little but seem healthy?

    Usually the people I met who ate very little had obvious signs of hypothyroidism and poor health. But there is also a category of people who eat excessively little but seem very healthy. I have a friend in her 20s who needs to eat 1000 to 1500 calories a day, mostly from very low nutrient...
  2. Sascha6990

    Not eating or eating junk - what's worse?

    If you're in a situation where you can't get anything prometabolic to eat, do you prefer not eating or eating some antimetabolic food? What do you think will lower metabolism more - lack of calories or antimetabolic food? Very interested to hear everyone's opinions. I usually choose the...
  3. DDRB

    More calories destroy my sleep ?

    I'm quite thin (barely 70 kg for 1m82) but I notice that each time I increase my calories on purpose (to try to gain weight for example) my sleep problems seem to get worse. I have big problems with insomnia, but my best nights sleep is when I'm "undernourished", I actually even perform better...
  4. Hans

    Exercise and fat loss; can exercise make you gain fat?

    Is it a good idea to exercise for fat loss? Yes and no... Check it out and I'd love to hear your thoughts and experience with this topic. https://men-elite.com/2021/08/02/exercise-and-fat-loss-can-exercise-make-you-gain-fat/
  5. J

    Incredible Craving for Fatty Red Meat

    I find myself craving fatty, red meat all day long. I eat pounds of it over the days. I average at least at least 2-3 pounds a day, and it's taking a toll on my bills. I try to get the highest quality meat I can get, which is usually imported grass-fed lamb and mutton. I'm about 178cm, about...
  6. G

    Ray himself consumes 1600 calories of sugar per day, with 0 white sugar

    Many people may already know this, but I just want to clarify this for anyone who still assumes he only drinks 1 or 2 quarts of OJ with white sugar and doesn't eat "high carb". I was playing around with this cool search tool Ray Peat Search made by @rijo , and I found an interview with Peat...
  7. B

    Losing Significant Amount Of Hair

    Hello everyone, this will be my first time posting on any forum on the internet ever. I am 27 years, I have a history of asthma, depression, and pain in the joints. I feel this information my be necessary considering this is a health related discussion board. Over the past 2 months I have been...
  8. M

    Calories vs. right foods

    If you have to choose between getting enough calories and eating the right foods, which one would an informed peatarian choose? Thanks.
  9. G

    Foods for a 1,600 kcal goal?

    I'm a seventeen-year-old girl, 180 lbs and 5'6". Overfat, need to lose weight. I currently follow a Peatish diet already, but I haven't really been keeping an eye on calories (not to mention the fact I also succumb to biscuits etc when I feel hungry/peckish) I feel like I need a change up in...
  10. A

    Formula for calories

    Hey Peatians, Just wondering if anyone knows a formula to work out a starting point for calories. Guess it should include activity levels for people who want to cycle macros throughout the week?? I know some want body fat%... I've seen here that % have been stated at roughly 25% fat, 25%...
  11. L

    Your Weight , Grams Of Total Carbs And Total Daily Cals

    Hello my fellow Peaters. :mrgreen: as the title of this thread states ,,whats your current weight, total daily cals and grams of carbs.?? I post this because I was wondering how lean im getting..I guess my thyroids are working great because I use no meds ...I might wanna add that my only...
  12. jaketthomas

    Calorie Intake

    I assumed I had been taking in my usual 2,500-3,000 calories a day since I've been Peat-ing. I've been eating whenever I'm hungry, eating basically anything I want, within the guidelines. I saw a post by Andrew Kim, of what he ate one day, so I decided to join Fitday.com and punch in my...