1. haidut

    Low vitamin D levels linked to premature death

    Another way to phrase the findings of the study is that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of death from any cause. Another important finding of the study is that it was the levels of 25-OH-D (calcifediol, a biomarker of of cholcalciferol (vit. D3) supplementation) and not 1,25-OH-D...
  2. Tristan Loscha

    Effect Of Calcifediol (VIT D) Treatment And Best Available Therapy Versus Other On ICU + Survival

    "Effect of Calcifediol Treatment and best Available Therapy versus best Available Therapy on Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality Among Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19: A Pilot Randomized Clinical study" Author links open overlay panelMarta EntrenasCastilloaLuis ManuelEntrenas...
  3. Tristan Loscha

    Chris Masterjohn Position On Vitamin D For COVID - 19; VD Reduces Risks Efficiently

    Finally Confirmed! Vitamin D Nearly Abolishes ICU Risk in COVID-19 September 3, 2020 The first randomized controlled trial (RCT) of vitamin D in COVID-19 has just been published. The results are astounding: vitamin D nearly abolished the odds of requiring treatment in ICU. Although the number...
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