1. tastyfood

    Buteyko breathing fans: How important is it to use the Frolov device or do bag breathing on an empty stomach?

    I have some of Artour Rakhimov's books, and he highlights the importance of doing the breathing exercises on an empty stomach, How important do you think that is? According to the books, it is about not pushing it when having inflammation in the stomach due to offending foods? Being able to...
  2. M

    Why Is High Altitude Negative For Emphysema?

    Dear all, yesterday I stumbled across the following Peat quote (from the E-mail advice depository): My question or concern is specifically about emphysema. Increasing the body's CO2 retention capabilities should help this condition and, in agreement, Buteyko practitioners claim that Buteyko...
  3. m_arch

    Control Pause, Maximum Pause, Heart Rate And CO2

    According to Buteyko's chart: high etco2 should correlate with a high control pause and maximum pause. So they shouldn't be fighting against one another. Maybe a person with a high etco2 is better off measuring their maximum pause (I get 60 seconds) as a better measurement. with a 60...
  4. S

    Control Pause Question

    How do we know a long control pause is brought on by good carbon dioxide tolerance rather than just a very low rate of production of carbon dioxide? Thanks.
  5. DaveFoster

    Buteyko - What's Your CP?

    A primary metric for measuring CO2 saturation in lung alveoli is the control pause promoted by Dr. Buteyko, wherein you inhale normally, exhale normally, and hold your noise until you feel a pulsing sensation from your diaphragm or throat. Use a stopwatch to time the number of seconds between...
  6. Giraffe

    Buteyko Breathing - Bud Weiss, 2008-09-15

    Link to audio: Buteyko Breathing - Bud Weiss, 2008-09-15. BW: Bud Weiss RP: Ray Peat (transcribed by Giraffe) BW: Ray, could you just introduce yourself a bit, please? RP: Okay. I had been a student of several other subjects such as linguistics when I began studying biology in 1968, and I...