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  1. S

    Are the ingredients in this gelatin any good?

    Where I live (Brazil) it is very difficult to find cheap gelatin without ascorbic acid and artificial sweeteners. I came across this product that caught my attention for not having either of these two ingredients. GELATINA CEREJA QUALIMAX 1KG (cherry jelly) Ingredients: Sugar, gelatin, salt...
  2. G

    Looking for other members from Brasil

    Hi Guys, My name is Augusto, atm I live in Florianopolis - Brasil. The reason why I´m writing this thread, is too be able to discuss with fellow brazilians and also see if anyone works as a nutricionist (because I´m in need of one for my work.) Cheers
  3. haidut

    A Pesticide, Not Zika, May Be The Cause Of Microcephaly In Brazil

    I have always been suspicious when viral epidemics of any sort become front page news. It usually turns out to be either a scam to extract taxpayers' money and throw them at a favored company to develop a "much needed" vaccine, or a cover-up of a bigger issue usually ties to some sort of...