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brain washed

  1. Grapelander

    How the UK Government Used Mass Hypnosis To Get Compliance During The Pandemic- Brian Halliday(2021)

    Stage hypnotist Brian Halliday breaks down how the UK government used techniques used in hypnosis to mind control the public to comply with the covid restrictions, lockdowns and the vaccination program. He shows how they played with the subconscious minds of the public to generate, perpetuate...
  2. Grapelander

    Herd Conformity Experiments

    An experiment on compliance. Lint Roller Compliance Experiment Candid Camera 1962
  3. C

    Cola Mixed With OJ = Good For Energy And It's Delicious!

    I recently started mixing coca cola 50/50 with orange juice. Sometimes I have less cola. It might not sound nice and it doesn't look like it would taste nice but I love it. I labour for a bricklaying gang and this powers me through the work day. I also have it before going to the gym. It's odd...