brain injury

  1. haidut

    At Least 15% Of Patients With Brain Injury And In Coma May Be Conscious And Capable Of Recovery

    As many readers know, patients with severe brain injury are typically viewed by medical professionals as simply a "vegetable on a plug" and incapable of recovery. The family members are aggressively lobbied to agree for the patient to be "pulled off the plug" and allowed to die. The rationale is...
  2. N

    Why Did Progesterone Show No Benefit In Stage III Clinical Trials For Traumatic Brain Injury?

    Progesterone was very successful in treating traumatic brain injury in animal models and human clinical trials stages I & II but showed no effect at all in 2 large stage III trials. Stage I & II trials used, respectively, 1 and 2 mg/kg/day intravenously. The stage III trials both increased the...
  3. allblues

    Niacinamide And Progesterone For Traumatic Brain Injury

    Found this study, scientists here reaching Peatiness levels that shouldn't even be possible, combining niacinamide and progesterone, two of Ray's most oft-cited helpful substances in treating experimental brain injury. Combined treatment seems to have been significantly more effective on all...
  4. Demyze

    Pregnenolone And DHEA In Traumatic Brain Injury

    Today I heard the first mention of Pregnenolone outside of a "Ray Peat Source". Joe Rogan had a Dr. Mark Gordon on his podcast. Dr. Gordon is an endocrinologist who found that the levels of neurosteroids are very diminished in people who've experienced traumatic brain injuries. After a quick...