brain fog

  1. C

    Copper for Brain and Thyroid Health

    Copper Increases Thyroid Health Serum Copper levels associated with higher Free T4 Exploring the role of copper and selenium in the maintenance of normal thyroid function among healthy Koreans Thyroid hormone stimulates release of liver copper as ceruloplasmin Serum copper as a novel biomarker...
  2. A

    Was it mold illness all along?

    - Lifelong low energy and fatigue. - Mood issues. Depression and anxiety. - Neurological issues. Memory loss. So much difficulty learning anything new that I began to despair over ever doing anything with my life, ever. Feeling like my brain had turned into a brick. - Intense brain fog...
  3. Pufa-Puffin

    My sleep is literally like a coma. Can't wake up, feeling drunk after I do

    You can stab me or shoot me when sleeping, it would not wake me up. When someone is trying to wake me up, I'm aware of it, but can't control my body and bring myself out of the sleep. Sometimes, I have extremely strong nausea, which I'm also aware of but still can't wake up. When I somehow...
  4. P

    Best way to approach gut issues

    Hello all, My journey peating has been wonderful so far. Diet, thyroid, etc. have all been addressed and I feel better than I have for years. I'm still seeing near daily improvements primarily from supplementing thyroid. The next thing I want to tackle is my gut. I pretty much don't tolerate...
  5. Nazar

    Hyperventilation from contaminated allergic sugar or sugar?

    If I use as much as 25 or more grams of white sugar with a cup of coffee and a glass of milk among other foods - it visibly suppresses my breathing resulting in brain fog. I suspect it might be because of allergic impurities in the sugar, which is absolutely possible in my case, but I don't have...
  6. Outdoctrination

    Avoiding cypro fogginess?

    I just recently ordered @haidut's cyproheptadine (mainly for digestive issues), and it seems like many people who have taken it seem to get extremely foggy and tired, even if it helps their other symptoms. To anyone who has experience with cypro, how did you overcome this? I also hear some...
  7. TopGun1911

    Massive Brain Fog After Taking Aspirin (500 Mg)

    As of time of writing, I’m experiencing a massive brain fog that cripples my intellectual faculties alarmingly and I’m left with barely any sort of thinking ability. I basically feel like a zombie unable to do anything but the simplest of tasks. What could be causing this? I take caffeine and...
  8. charlie

    Solved? - IBS, SIBO, GERD, LPR, Colitis, Constipation, Celiac, Brain Fog

    Due to necessity, I had to figure out what in the world is causing the SIBO, GERD and LPR epidemic happening here on this very forum and around the world. So I started digging and putting pieces of the puzzle together. And what started to become very clear was the gut issues were related to the...
  9. haidut

    Probiotics Are Dangerous, Should Be Regulated As Drugs

    As many forum users know, Peat has spoken against the use of probiotics and in some of his articles has even linked lactic acid producing bacteria to auto-immune conditions like such as Lupus, RA, and even MS. While recently he has been recommending a bacteriophage product from LEF, he is still...
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