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bowel movement

  1. SonOfEurope

    Help for recovering from laxative abuse.

    Hey guys, Very close friend of mine - so close I consider her family - 56 years old, has had struggles with eating disorders for over 20 years and heavily abused laxatives (the pills and powder stuff ) for years, to the point she's having a hard time restoring natural bowel movement...
  2. Ismail

    Exhausted after bowel movement

    Hey all, I have at least 2 possibly 3 bowel movements a day. Whenever I’ve finished, I feel that satisfaction of being “empty”, however I feel very lethargic and just exhausted and start to procrastinate and become somewhat lazy. I also sometimes feel a little stressed afterwards too. I feel...
  3. J

    Effect Of Mushrooms On Fecal Matter Weight - After Raw Carrots Didn't Do It Anymore

    Raw carrots didn't do it anymore in terms of promoting a daily bowel movement. So I decided to try out white button mushrooms and the effects are stunning: my fecal matter weight increased multiple-fold. My bowel movements went from once a day (relatively small, sometimes harder to pass) to...