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  1. Sefton10

    Mainstream book/article links depression and authoritarianism with energy metabolism

    "We often think of depression is a mood disorder, but depression is also metabolic disorder – meaning that, fundamentally, there is something wrong with your metabolism and your energy regulation. When you experience depression, you don’t experience that metabolic difficulty directly; you...
  2. ScurveDream

    Book on childlike thinking or youth in the mind?

    I saw it in another thread but cannot remember the right keywords or associations to it. @haidut mentioned it, I think -- some apparent book on how the childlike mind, thoughts, etc. can be taught or something like that. Maybe I missed it but does anyone know of this? I was curious about...
  3. rothko

    Recommendations for Books on Evolution of Metabolism

    Hello! Im interested in the evolution of metabolic processes. I have found academic books which are focused on the very minute, but nothing that would be useful to me. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was looking at Nick Lane's vital question. Mae-Won Ho? Gerald Pollack? Ling? I am...
  4. pauljacob

    Looking For Adelle Davis Books Online

    Ray Occasionally cites Adelle Davis on sound nutritional advice. I used to have many of her books but not anymore. They're available on Amazon, but the sellers are asking too much for them. Anyone know if the following books can be read or downloaded online? Let's Get Well Let's Eat Right to...
  5. Grapelander

    Biochemistry 8th Edition Textbook

    Biochemistry 8th Edition Textbook
  6. Seleniodine

    Textbook Of Endocrine Physiology By Constance R. Martin PhD

    RP has mentioned a book by Constance Martin as a good introduction to the subject. I believe this is the title he is referring to and have attached the contents pages for those who may be interested. It's not easily available but with a bit of patience you should be able to find one online at a...