1. MetabolicTrash

    Thoughts on THIS BOOK? "The Manipulated Man" - Female author bashes women/supports (redpilled?) men AKA battle of the sexes!

    I had never heard of this book ... Apparently it's a female author (surprising?) who elaborates on how women only are capable of making men in to their slaves AKA women rule over men. Also relevant to some previous threads here since this is about the "battle between the sexes" AKA the...
  2. Drareg

    Anybody know the book on vision Peat recommended

    I've been searching this forum for a book recommendation Peat gave on vision along time ago, I know someone posted it on here, I lost the download since changing devices, the problem is I can't remember the author or name, I can remember getting great insights from how our vision works, it was...
  3. MetabolicTrash

    Book on childlike thinking or youth in the mind?

    I saw it in another thread but cannot remember the right keywords or associations to it. @haidut mentioned it, I think -- some apparent book on how the childlike mind, thoughts, etc. can be taught or something like that. Maybe I missed it but does anyone know of this? I was curious about...
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