1. M

    Peat inspired Bodybuilding Log

    Hi guys,i couldnt think on a proper name or title but its basically that,i finished a cut phase and now im heading a maintenance phase,im pretty aware if i do things right i can gain some muscle and keep my fat% nearly untouched.i was thinkig that this can be a good opportunity to test the Ray...
  2. Jon444

    Spellbreaker’s Ascending Muscle Solitarium - A Peatybuilding Video Log

    Welcome to Spellbreaker’s Ascending Muscle Solitarium (name under construction) In short, this will be a video log on my progress doing bodybuilding while incorporating Ray Peat’s views… mixed with my own. The current goal is to become healthier, more androgenic, feel better and gain muscle...
  3. Mr Joe

    Asked RP about Muscles. Answer : swimming, bicycling, and tennis ?

    I've had the the opportunity to ask Ray about more details concerning building muscle and getting lean on a Ray Peat diet. The first part of the answer was like "i never go to gym" style. But i was surprised by the second part. I've asked him what his thoughts on exercice such as Dips...
  4. Mr Joe

    Homemade Peat-Friendly Whey Protein

    Many of us are struggling getting enough protein for muscle building on a Peat diet. 150 g daily (average) is hard to find if you don't drink 2L milk every day, if you don't have enough money or just no time. Androsterone and other "pro-metabolic" substances are useful but still need enough...
  5. S

    Ultimate Idealabs Bodybuilding Stack

    I hope many folks will chime in here, especially @haidut. The question is, once you had health and diet back on track, what would you use from idealabs to build muscle and ULTIMATE health? Money is not the object here. Shoot the moon. If you can, please add rationale for stack or components...