body odor

  1. V

    My sweat smells like ammonia

    I have had strong body odor, like ammonia for last years. This is something that I didn't suffer when I was teenager, It starts when I was 23-24 yo after several years of gut dysbiosis, diffuse thinning hair and lack of energy. Could this odor symptom be related with an excess of protein...
  2. tastyfood

    Men of the forum: How long can you go without taking a full shower and washing with soap?

    Since I stopped using toilet paper and hoping in the shower quickly to wash my buttocks, I have been feeling less of a need to take a shower every day. One of the main reasons I was hoping in the shower at night before bed is because my buttocks felt dirty and uncomfortable. Ray always says...
  3. JamesGatz

    Armpits only smell when they are hairy ?

    My eating habits has been very consistent over the past year. I notice that regardless of metabolic rate - If I let my armpit hair grow out - my armpits will start to stink everyday like body odor and the smell gets worse if I let it grow longer - regardless of what I eat. If I shave it...
  4. Soren

    Thyroid (t3) causes body odor change what is the cause? Should I stop?

    Has anyone ever noticed a change in body odor once they have started supplementing thyroid? My body odour has definitely gotten worse since I started which is a shame because before it was never very foul smelling now it smells quite sour and acidic. I've been supplementing with T3 during the...
  5. beeohbeebeewhy

    Borderline Hypothyroid, Histamine Intolerance? Leaky Gut? Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO?? Need Help

    Background/Intro: Hey guys I'm new to the forum and to most of Peat's ideas, I was Keto/Paleo with elements of Primal (raw eggs/raw dairy) until I stopped being able to tolerate raw milk/yogurt, the only dairy I have now is raw butter, I've been having some health issues recently on top of the...
  6. Amazoniac

    Body Odor In Disorder And Disease: A Brief Review

    I was going to just post this on an already existing thread that's addressing body odor, but decided not to because it might get some people paranoid, especially the original poster. So, here it is:
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