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  1. A

    Red raspberry seed oil SPF 28-50

    It is claimed that Red raspberry seed oil has an SPF of 28-50. It was my intention to wear this over an anti-oxidant serum for added sun protection. However, it turns out Red raspberry seed oil contains very high levels of PUFA. Don't PUFA detiorate easily in light and heat quickly...
  2. A

    Razor Burn from shaving

    I only shave about once a week, and I still get razor burn on my neck. I am extremely gentle and I use a pre-shave oil and shaving cream, free of potential irritants. I also use a double-edged safety razor which supposedly is less harsh on your skin. Is razor burn connected to vitamin A...
  3. scarlettsmum


    What is the view here on personal care products and how important is what you use? How "dangerous" is pantene pro v, l'oreal, nail polishes, shellac nail gel, deodorants....Aren't we already doing enough by eating well? isn't obsessing about personal care products taking it too far? What about...
  4. G


    So gummy is having problems with his teeth and trying to find a cause. Stumbled upon this video (nice looking guy no homo) They are quite peatish, promoting food and stuff. Seems pretty interesting and logical. They have great reviews...
  5. uuy8778yyi

    natural beauty care from a peat perpspective

    best skin topicals ? niacin ? coq10 powder maybe ? what else works through the peat paradigm
  6. U

    Cold Showers

    Hey, I read some previous threads (I think Haidut even posted study on it somewhat recently) but information a bit conflicting. I think I am in good place healthwise so would it be healthy thing to do? Is there any proper way to do it? I go in for 4 minutes or so. Thank you
  7. O

    Niacinamide & Coconut oil on skin

    Hey guys, I recently got a sunburn (not very bad) and all I had on hand is coconut oil and b3. So I tried to dissolve it to use it on the skin. This wasn't very successful, so I had to heat it in the microwave. Will this damage b3 beyond functionality? A few seconds in the microwave and it...
  8. Amazoniac

    Brushing And Toothpaste

    How often do you brush your teeth and which toothpaste do you use?
  9. W

    A Safe Organic Sunscreen

    Hi all, After weeks of research for a safe suncreen for my baby, I think that I finally found one of the safest. I just bought it on the manufacturer's website, so I will put an update as soon as I get the product on hand to see if it does the job....
  10. B

    Wet razor vs electric razor: the effect on hair follicles

    Pretty interesting!
  11. haidut

    Topical Caffeine As Sunscreen

    In support of the recently launched SolBan, here is an article in the popular press about caffeine's sunscreen effects and protection against skin cancer when applied topically. ... kin-cancer
  12. charlie

    Antiperspirants Alter Your Armpit Bacteria And Could

    Antiperspirants Alter Your Armpit Bacteria and Could Actually Make You Smell Worse ... worse.html
  13. Bluebell

    Best kind of olive oil as body oil?

    I've started using olive oil as a body oil. Using up what's in the cupboard at the moment. Can anyone recommend a good low-odor olive oil that won't irritate the skin? I was wondering whether the "extra-virgin" strong peppery ones might not be so good on the skin?
  14. E

    Hair Styling

    [ moderator edit: posts moved from "...Doing it Every Day(soap) is an "Endocrine Disrupter..." | Ray Peat Forum ] Can someone elaborate on the cleaning process when it is needed? Do you just rub dry baking soda on your scalp when you want a scrub? When do you use that as opposed to ACV? Do...
  15. N

    Face Moisturiser?

    Not exactly a supplement but can anybody recommend a facial moisturiser (other than coconut oil)? I have mostly dry skin with slight rocesea around my nose and under my eyes. I've been using an organic snail cream but the second ingredient is olive oil. It seems that after extensive use, the...
  16. M

    Check your Makeup

    I was at the dermatologist yesterday and got a cool new tube of retinol -- but I checked all the ingredients first to make sure there was no SOY in the stuff, which would have been totally possible. I rejected his offer of a tinted sunscreen product that contained iron oxalates because I do not...
  17. I

    Safe Beauty Products

    Thought I would get a thread going where we can put our recommendations for non PUFA/ non toxic beauty products. I just did a purge this weekend and got rid of the obviously bad stuff. (Bye bye Weleda body oils that I thought were healthy but now discovered are made with sunflower oil! Can't...
  18. marcar72

    Triclosan Dangers !

    Hello folks. I just wanted to sound a warning to the Ray Peat community and hope people will spread this valuable info, since I came up with no hits when I googled "Ray Peat triclosan". I've been eating a pretty strict Peat diet for three months now. It wasn't that much of a change for me since...
  19. M


    What do you use as moisturizer? How bad are the common moisturizers sold in grocery stores (Olay, Cetaphil, Nivea, Dove, etc)? I get dry skin. Adopting a healthier diet has improved many areas of my health but has actually made my skin even more dry, strangely enough. So I'm curious. For...
  20. E

    Best Zinc Oxide Sunscreen?

    Peat seem to think zinc oxide is the least toxic of the active sunscreen ingredients. I have not had success in finding a good one. The problem is that the other ingredients seem to be quite off (seed oils). I have to use sunscreen on my face every day, and I frequently have to use on large...