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  1. :M :B.

    WiFi-free streaming device, infrared remote dumb tv, tackling blue light. solutions.

    I bought a dumb TV some time ago that uses a infrared remote control which I like: Sceptre 50-inch 4K UHD Ultra Slim LED TV 3840x2160 MHL Metal Black View: I then realized that all of the streaming...
  2. miquelangeles

    Blue light therapy experiences

    Has anyone tried it?
  3. JamesGatz

    Are cheaper laptops actually better in terms of EMF and blue light exposure ?

    I was doing a lot of experimentation with various different computers in my house - I am hoping someone here knows more than me about this they would like to add: I was thinking about this set-up to completely get rid of blue light exposure: Using a computer on a projector ? It seems this...
  4. JamesGatz

    Extensive Blue-Light Blocking Guide

    I thought it would be useful to have an extensive Blue Light Blocking guide - I will include my set-up below and hopefully more users can chime in maybe with stuff Peat has said about blue light too and maybe what their set-up is too I'm interested in hearing First up is f.lux - free software...
  5. joshquintanilla

    Found A Way To Block ALL Blue Light On IPhone Easily

    I’m sure many of you iPhone users are aware of night shift which takes out some of the blue light, however imo it’s not enough. So I’m glad to learn there’s a way to completely get rid of blue light/color and I’ll show you how! (Before doing this, if you haven’t set up night shift, go into...
  6. haidut

    Blue Light Accelerates Aging And Reduces Lifespan By More Than 50%

    In one of his interviews, Peat mentioned that red light exposure may be the most fundamental protective factor in nature, and that a deficiency of it (as commonly seen in Western lifestyles) may be the main driver of systemic aging and the diseases associated with it. The study below provides...
  7. haidut

    Blocking Blue Light Can Cure Bipolar Disorder

    This is another great study for so many reasons. First, it adds to the evidence that bipolar disorder is probably environmental in origin, possibly linked to blue light pollution. Second, it adds to the evidence for a link between high cortisol / serotonin and bipolar disorder as blue light...
  8. haidut

    Blue Light Exposure Just Twice A Day Causes Insulin Resistance In Humans

    No need to elaborate, given how much Ray has written about red and blue light and their effects on metabolism. The key result from the study was that just 3 hours of exposure was enough to trigger that metabolic dysfunction. Imagine what happens at night when there is ambient blue light...
  9. J

    Red Light And Circadian Cycle

    I read the interesting claim that red lights are used for night illumination because they are supposed to be safer in terms of interference on the circadian cycle. Is there any truth to that? What are some interesting implications? They give a bit more explanation:
  10. gately

    Blue Light, SAD, And Bilirubin

    Does anyone know why blue light therapy is an effective treatment for SAD (and often for insomnia, energy, and other related issues?) Peat has said blue light causes stress, so I'm confused as to why it's been shown to have so many positive effects for so many people. (Countless testimonials on...