1. J

    Supraphysiological Testosterone & DHT levels

    Hi all, What are the risks of keeping free T & DHT at supraphysiological levels (I’ve attached my bloodwork) for prolonged periods of time via the use of transdermal DHT & T gels? I’m been using transdermal 20% DHT solution & 20% T solution from Alphagels Compounding for the past year and have...
  2. M

    Bloodwork 4 weeks after stopping thyroid?

    I’ve been torn between sticking it out for either 6-8 weeks or just getting tested now to see where Im at since swinging hyper a month ago. I’ve been off thyroid for 4 weeks now. Is this enough time or do I need to wait longer to see where I naturally fall? Is anyone familiar with when is the...
  3. PopSocket

    2 years RP diet - Need your opinion - High SHBG, Low HDL, High LDL

    After almost 2 years on RP inspired diet I decided to check what is going on. I always had high SHBG and even though I switched to carbs (was on very high saturated fat diet / carnivore/keto for ~12 years and thought this is the reason) it is still 50% above upper range and barely went down/used...
  4. Ilona K.

    Acid Reflex; Bloodwork results and Nail test results Male 36 YRS

    Hello, I am trying to help my husband with his general health. I have attached the most recent bloodwork, and nail test with Georgi Dinkov lab. He struggles with: -acid reflex in the day time and very bad in the night time -Very sensitive to some foods. -I am wondering if he needs thyroid...
  5. RealNeat

    Anyone get labs (or other test) done and see benefits from addressing markers?

    I see a lot of people getting various types of lab work done but I haven't heard many follow ups or testimonials of improvement. Have you experienced benefits from addressing certain biomarkers? What were they? What was the improvement? How did you accomplish it?
  6. DenizkaRedizka

    19 year old male: insomnia, water retention, depression and suicidal thoughts (blood work, labs included)

    I used google translate, there may be errors in the text. The blood serum analysis is attached below (magnesium is high because I forgot not to take magnesium supplements before testing). Introduction I have been following the forum for about 1 year, but have not found a solution for myself. 19...
  7. Cameron

    Has anyone reliably increased DHT or T with t3 therapy?

    Has anyone confirmed an androgenic benefit or increase in androgens from using T3 or thyroid therapy in general? T3 is reliably an androgen agonist how has the therapy played out in androgenic function or a “secondary puberty” effect in males here?
  8. D

    Lab results. High T4?

    Hello, Im wondering if my lab results are okay? what does the high RBC, low MCH, low platelets, and high lymphs mean? also is having that high of a t4 uptake normal? I read it could suggest a goiter and i feel something below my jaw kind of like a bump.
  9. Charger

    Thoughts on Recent Bloodwork (02/27/2021)

    I recently started taking 50mcg of T3 daily and could tell it was boosting my androgens and wanted to get some bloodwork to get an eye on where I was at. My testosterone is the highest it's ever been at 32, up from the 670 ng/dL I've hovered around the past couple of years, and way up from the...
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