blood glucose

  1. Blaine

    Apple Makes Major Progress on No-Prick Blood Glucose Tracking for Its Watch

    This appears to be some time away from being commercially available, but it's nice to hear that progress is being made. I would personally love to have a non-invasive way of tracking glucose levels. I've considered getting a CGM, but I do martial arts and other physical activity which would...
  2. cs3000

    50g Fructose gives only a mild increase in blood sugar / blood glucose They gave 50g sugar, glucose or fructose water to humans. Fructose showed a mild increase in blood sugar levels within a 2 hour window, where the others raised it a lot Same here...
  3. V

    Evaluation and opinion of my laboratory tests

    Tests are blood and urine. While it is true that some values have improved compared to previous tests, there are others that have worsened and that I do not understand. - I am worried about the difference between my total testosterone (very high, even outside the upper range, in this test...
  4. AlphaCog

    Shinrin-yoku (forest-air bathing and walking) effectively decreases blood glucose levels in diabetic patients

    Abstract The influence of "shinrin-yoku" (forest-air bathing and walking) on blood glucose levels in diabetic patients was examined. Eighty-seven (29 male and 58 female) non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients [61 (SEM 1) years old] participated in the present study. Shinrin-yoku was performed...
  5. M

    What can cause hypoglycaemic symptoms like extreme lightheadedness and dizziness when blood glucose is fine

    What would be the cause of hypoglycaemic symptoms while the blood glucose is either okay or even sometimes on the higher end of okay. Same with the blood pressure. I regularly get symptoms that mimic hypoglycaemia such as feeling very lightheaded or extremely faint along with slight nausea and...
  6. BestSinceDAYONE

    Carnivore Diet and Blood Sugar

    Why does blood sugar rise to unhealthy levels on low carb / carnivore diets. I recently came off of a low carb style diet. And my blood sugar was 99 mg/dL, all my other labs were fine, even cholesterol. I think h1bac was like .1 over the limit.
  7. haidut

    Replacing starch with sucrose increases metabolism, prevent obesity

    A study that will certainly generate controversy in the low-carb blogosphere, but the findings are hard to dispute. Namely, feeding a diet for 15 weeks, in which 74.3% of the calories come from carbs in the form of starch was clearly obesogenic, caused insulin resistance and elevated blood...
  8. haidut

    Stress (cortisol) as the driver of hyperglycemia in type II diabetes

    To most of my readers, the title of the post may seem like something completely obvious and not deserving explanation of clarification. However, according to mainstream medicine (until now, at least) cortisol does not really have a causative role either in the development of diabetes type II or...
  9. haidut

    Vitamin D Reduces Blood Sugar And Body Fat In Obese Women

    A neat study, albeit lasting much longer (about 1.5 years) than most other intervention studied with vitamin D. What makes this study particularly interesting is that it only used high doses vitamin D (60,000 IU once weekly) initially until blood levels rose into the normal range. It did not...
  10. haidut

    Vitamin D Strikingly Therapeutic For Type II Diabetes

    Despite the ongoing assault against "ineffective" dietary supplements, the evidence in favor of them keeps piling on. One of the favorite targets of mainstream media is vitamin D, and multiple claims of "ineffectiveness" based on "meta" studies have come out in the last 5 years. Usually, this is...
  11. haidut

    Even A Tiny Amount Of Talc May Cause Diabetes II, Benadryl May Reverse It

    As many of my readers know, talc was recently implicated as an (ovarian) carcinogen. There have been several class-action lawsuits against manufacturers of baby powder containing talk and the ones that have reached verdicts already all found...
  12. haidut

    Artificially Lowering Blood Glucose May Cause Fatal Flesh-eating Infection

    ...targeting the genitals, of all places. The warning FDA issued is for drugs used to artificially lower blood glucose levels in patients with type II diabetes. The list includes blockbuster drugs like Invokana, Jardiance, etc. The drugs works by forcing the kidneys to excrete glucose extracted...
  13. haidut

    Blood Glucose Varies Widely In Healthy People, Can Reach Even Diabetic Levels

    I noticed over the years that many of the people diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes II have received their diagnosis based on a single fasting blood test. The use HbA1C is not as widespread among PCP, despite what mainstream media claims. About half of the cases of newly diagnose...
  14. haidut

    Diamant - Adamantane Solution For Lab/R&D

    I first became interested in adamantane when I read about it in one of ray's articles. According to Ray it seems to have a stabilizing and structurally protective effects on the water inside the cell, and its commercial derivatives are all know to be anti-excitotoxic. The problem of Alzheimer's...
  15. haidut

    Glycine May Treat Type II Diabetes In Humans

    Human study, with a moderate dose of glycine. Ray wrote several times about the usage of gelatin as treatment for even type I diabetes. Unfortunately, the practice was abandoned in the early 20th century in favor of more toxic therapies or insulin injections. This human study shows that a...