1. V

    Parasite cleanse for ibs?

    Has anyone gone the route of trying to kill parasites for ibs, stuffy ears and nose, fatigue, diffuse thinning of hair, cold feet and anxiety? I have tried every diet approach and low carb helps but it's not enough. I have tried betain with no results, kolorex with tremendous worsening of...
  2. I

    Niacinamide - Bloat/Water Retention

    Hello Niacinamide at any dose (from 50mg to the full 500mg capsule) increases water retention/oedema. I am on Rx levothyroxine sodium 100mcg. I keep a tight dietary schedule with 180-200g protein, 540-560g carbs, and 40-45g fat and I powerlift 4x days/week. My body-fat percentage is around...
  3. pauljacob

    Nerves Shot Because of Emotional Stress

    I'm currently under emotional stress from three directions: my demented brother, my estranged wife, and my inability to make headway in my work. Three weeks ago, I became bloated and gassy, acid rising to my throat during sleep. The gastroenterologist recommended an endoscopy but I declined...
  4. P

    Lower Abdominal Bloating From The Pill - Looking For Advice

    I'm asking this question with my wife's interests in mind. At the end of 2012, about 18 months into us dating, she went on the pill. Within a few months she had developed a hard bloat in her lower abdomen, whereas prior to this she had always had a flat abdomen and small waist. The visual...
  5. Connor888

    Vit E Or Progesterone Reducing Face Bloating

    My face has been bloated almost 24/7 for years which I think is the typical bloating that can come with hypothyroidism Started taking Vitamin E the other day, only gonna take the E once a week (400iu), but I started applying progesterone topically around my nose area at the same time (weird...
  6. G

    A Wish For More Energy

    It's been almost 2 months since I got into peating. 2017 - 2019 I did a 'bodybuilding' diet 2018 my first forray into Keto / carb-cycling. 2019: 4 months on the Carnivore Diet. Fall 2019: peating Ever since my teenage years, I've had a wish for more physical energy, more vitality, less...
  7. Tarmander

    Bloat Tips

    I wanted to create a post where we could share some of the information about bloating that may come along with changing diet and metabolism. I have added some points from myself that were crucial to my understand of what has caused, and resolved bloating for me. I no longer suffer any bloating...
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