1. JamesGatz

    WEARING BLACK CLOTHING and looking at BLACK SCREENS has a negative effect on your metabolism, Raises Adrenaline and makes people Aggressive

    I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with the color black lately with interesting results. In One study I looked at, participants had dopamine rise when exposed to Red, Blue, Green on a TV screen but had adrenaline rise when exposed to a black screen. I personally believe that Light...
  2. lvysaur

    African People Aren't Vitamin D Deficient

    This post is intended to debunk the common claim that people of African descent are severely low in vitamin D. This is because vitamin D, like most hormones, has a binding globulin that attenuates its absorption. Estro/Androgens have SHBG. Vitamin D has vitamin D binding protein (VDBP). More...
  3. haidut

    Yet Another Development In Physics Suggests Eternal Universe And No Big Bang

    As some of the forum users have noticed I am a fan of the physicist David Bohm and his views on "wholeness and implicate order" (actual title of one of his books). After being vilified for more than 50 years, the ideas of Bohm have been having a kind of a renaissance lately as a result of a work...
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