• tca300: I understand this is off topic from what you typically teach, but I was wondering if you have run across any information or learned on your own, things that help people grieve over lost loved ones, and or fear of losing others to death? Thank you!

    Ray Peat: It activates the “helplessness” reactions in the body, stress weakening your own life, and I think it can help to get out of that if you think of your life as a continuation of theirs—the same life, though with fewer bodies.

    Rest in Paradise, Raymond Peat  October 12, 1936 - November 24 2022

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  1. Can

    Help me interpret my Blood tests (Symptoms after meals, panic attacks & more)

    Hello there lovely people, as I mentioned in my first post on this forum, for about three years I have been having some symptoms that at times have been quite severe. At first my symptoms were simply and only skin issues on my hands, ankles and feet for about two years. Since I didn't get to...
  2. haidut

    Negative childhood experiences accelerate aging/disease in humans

    I am posting this study mostly as a counterexample to all the drivel coming out of gerontology research circles. Namely, the dogma is that biological aging is overwhelmingly influenced/determined by genes and cannot really be retarded (pun intended) or accelerated by the environment. This dogma...
  3. haidut

    IdeaLabs Service - Steroid Analysis (hair and/or (toe)nail)

    Note (5/27/2022): This launch is Part I of a two-part service - steroid analysis in hair or nails. While we have confirmed our ability to analyze steroids in both types of samples, nail steroid analysis is still in its scientific infancy and there are very few publications on the topic. As such...
  4. haidut

    SHBG may be a good test for liver (metabolic) health

    A very good study, which probably runs counter to the "mantra" most bodybuilders adhere to - i.e. they would say one must keep their SHBG low in order to increase levels of "free" steroids since, the claim goes, only free steroids are active and capable of influencing cells. If SHBG is high, the...
  5. haidut

    Niacin / niacinamide ratio may be a very good test for bacterial infection

    A very interesting study, which may provide a cheap, fast and easy method for testing whether a person has a bacterial or not. This is very useful in cases of respiratory diseases where a clinician has to determine if the respiratory infection is of bacterial or viral origin, in order to decide...
  6. haidut

    Upregulated serotonin synthesis may be a biomarker for breast cancer

    Once again, the available evidence contradicts the popular myth promoted by public health agencies that serotonin is the "happiness hormone". One only needs to talk to a person on serotonergic (SSRI) drugs for a few minutes to realize just how "happy" those people are as a result of their...
  7. haidut

    Elevated ESR And HCG Levels Are Strong Predictors Of Impending Cancer Diagnosis

    I am posting this study for two reasons. One of them is to corroborate a statement from Peat on the role of inflammation in cancer and the diagnostic value of "non-specific" (as the medical industry likes to call them) inflammatory biomarkers such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)...
  8. haidut

    While Estradiol Falls, Estrone Rises With Age And Is Much More Relevant For Estrogen-driven Diseases

    I posted a few studies in the past demonstrating that estrone (E1) and especially its long-lasting derivative estrone sulfate (E1S) are reliable biomarkers of both breast and prostate cancer progression/prognosis. However, for some reason the medical industry is obsessed with estradiol and since...
  9. haidut

    A Lab Test For Endotoxin Exposure, And Its Role In HIV/AIDS

    While I was researching some other topics related to the article on statins and TLR4 that I posted last week, I stumbled upon a biomarker called "soluble CD14" or sCD14 for short. CD14 - Wikipedia As it turns out, sCD14 is a biomarker for systemic endotoxin load. The importance of soluble CD14...
  10. haidut

    High Norepinephrine Can Be Used To Diagnose Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is one of the "mysterious" spectrum disorders, which baffles doctors. There is no structural abnormality in muscle tissue and as a result many patients are treated as if the condition is a psychiatric one. It is known to be greatly exacerbated by stress, which is a convenient excuse...
  11. haidut

    Biomarkers Of Muscle And Liver Insulin Resistance

    I am posting this study mostly as a heads-up for @Dan Wich and his website for lab test comparison. I know quite a few people here struggle with insulin resistance but the doctors do not know how to test for it beyond the simple fasting blood glucose (which is unreliable and easily skewed by...
  12. haidut

    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Linked To High Serotonin

    In one of his very early interviews Peat was asked about SIDS and its likely cause. He said he was not sure but given the occurrence of SIDS mostly during the night and winter months he thought a pituitary hormone or a neurotransmitter might be involved. I posted some preliminary studies on the...
  13. haidut

    Changes In Thiamine Levels May Be The First Sign Of Type I Diabetes

    The study is focusing on the fashionable topic of "microbiome analysis", which is most likely a fad that won't lead to any breakthrough cures. However, the important finding of the study is that changes of vitamin B1 (thiamine) levels are involved in the pathogenesis of diabetes. Sudden drop in...
  14. haidut

    Androsterone - A Neurosteroid With Anti-cancer Activity

    Given the recent posts about anti-cancer activity of DHT and other androgens this post is probably not going to surprise anybody. However, I still thought it would be relevant given that in some cancer lines like hepatoma and leukemia, only androsterone displayed chemopreventive and...
  15. haidut

    Self-reported Health Much Better Predictor Than "objective" Tests

    I like this study for a number of reasons. First, it validates the idea that the patient knows quite well when something is plaguing them despite the current approach to ignore completely self-reported symptoms. Second, it confirms the connection between stress and inflammation, and viral...
  16. haidut

    Taurine/glycine Ratio As A Biomarker Of Stress

    There are very few reliable biomakers of both acute and chronic stress in the organism. Prolactin and cortisol are two such markers, as well as DHEA-S. However, they tend to be more accurate for acute stress reactions and not so much for chronic stress load on the organism. This older study...
  17. haidut

    Biomarker For Liver Iron Overload

    I exchanged some posts with forum member Such_Saturation on another thread discussing non-invasive biomarkers for determining iron contents (saturation) in organs such as the liver. In iron overload states, iron often accumulates in the liver and liver diseases is thought to be caused largely by...