1. Philomath

    Why isn't this thread about Cocoa a bigger deal?

    "Energy and structure are interdependent at every level" -Ray Peat If the primary focus of this forum revolves around Dr. Peat's theories concerning the significance of energy production, why aren't threads like these receiving more attention...
  2. haidut

    Blood Sugar Is Controlled Mostly By The Brain, Not Pancreas

    Ray wrote in one of his articles that pancreatic insulin is responsible for no more than 20% of glycemic control. While he mentioned potassium as the major factor, he also said that it is the brain that ultimately controls the levels of sugar in the blood. This study from Yale seems to confirm...
  3. haidut

    Aging In Cells Is Driven By Mitochondria

    The process of aging is complex and according to mainstream science comes down to genes. Over the last few decades some scientists have discovered that genes probably do not play a major role but rather that aging comes down to processes in the mitochondria. However, until now, there had been no...
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