1. stevejobs

    The Bioenergetic Explanation of Health (Article)

    I wrote about the Epistemology of Ray Peat's work: The Bioenergetic Explanation of Health I would appreciate your feedback and thoughts on this topic! Posted on: substack: The Bioenergetic Explanation of Health twitter:
  2. cs3000

    Iron is essential for ability of thyroid hormone to function

    Study highlighting the importance of having good iron levels for peat approach to health. in the peat realm sometimes there's a tilted view against iron as if it's on the same level as a PUFA or something to be avoided, so can be overlooked. (overload toxicity isn't good + trying to fix...
  3. Sefton10

    Towards a Bioenergetic Philosophy

    A really interesting talk on the work of Ludwig Klages, Wilhelm Reich, and Ray Peat in relation to bioenergy. View:
  4. haidut

    Restoring mitochondrial function reverses aging in blood/immune cells

    The number of studies focusing on bioenergetics as a reliable method for delaying (or even reversing) aging continues to rapidly grow. A few years ago, an in-vivo study with humans demonstrated that human immune system aging can be reversed by a combination of DHEA and a few other, less...
  5. haidut

    Low mitochondrial function is akin to immunosuppression

    While most people intuitively link metabolic rate with things like weight and exercise/athletic performance, few people realize that since everything in the body (including its structure) is dependent on energy production, our immune system function and response to infections is also largely...
  6. haidut

    Metabolic rate may determine personality type and disease risk

    Very interesting study that links mitochondrial density/number (and as such, the metabolic rate) with personality types. Namely, people with fewer mitochondrial (i.e. hypometabolic) tend to have high levels of neuroticism, with the latter causally linked to a higher risk of a number of serious...
  7. haidut

    Major depression likely driven by mitochondrial deterioration/dysfunction

    This the latest study demonstrating that not only are various chronic diseases and aging essentially the same process, but that this process is fundamentally bioenergetic in nature. Namely, dysfunctional mitochondria, leading to low OXPHOS, is the direct cause of many physiological and "mental"...
  8. Yonebayashian

    Bioenergetics Book Club Hi I'm currently self studying bioenergetics, physiology, and nutrition. On this forum I know many of you are doing the same, so I'm starting a discord server for those interested in doing it as a collaborative group effort. Selfishly; I'm doing this because I...
  9. T

    Join me on my health journey :)

    Hi guys, I am relatively new to this forum. It's been about 2 months since I have adopted a BioEnergetic approach to my diet and lifestyle and I can honestly say it's the best thing I've done for my health in a long time. I am so happy I found this community and hope to collaborate with many of...
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