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  1. Drareg

    70% of Americans Unvaccinated for Covid

    So the media just outright lied about vaccine uptake, 70% didn't bother, 228 million of you loons according to this article, the important thing however is profit for big pharma and shareholders, money was made from the sales. This is coming from fauci and MSM so be mindful of a ruse potential...
  2. Drareg

    Jeffrey Epstein and Noam Chomsky

    Chomsky who has been pro authoritarian covid narratives like starving people etc has been pictured with Jeffrey epsteins butler in Paris outside Jeffreys home, Chomsky was also connected to John brockmans edge fund, it seems brockmans edge funs is turning out to be an Epstein run paedo club...
  3. Drareg

    Ghislaine Maxwell Reddit account

    Ghislaine Maxwell seems to have been a daily user of Reddit for 14 years until she was arrested, she was obsessively posting about legalizing paedophilia, consider what is happening today with wokism and how it’s framed by the philosophy of michael Focault who wrote extensively about why sex...
  4. Drareg

    Botswana Covid variant New

    The covid cult are buzzing today with the announcement of the Botswana covid variant, the ruling class are not happy African people seem to have not succumbed to covid 19 so a scare like this is needed to justify vaccines, they probably didn’t intubate people in African nations as much as the...
  5. Drareg

    Operation Lockstep Rockefeller

    A good twitter thread that ties the central banks role to covid19, its simplified, we know most of it already, if anyone needs something simple to pass onto friends who may be questioning the covid narrative, it doesn’t have too much information digest. It also highlights the same year the fed...
  6. Drareg

    Bill Gates Small Pox Bioterror

    This is an open threat from Gates, he doesn’t care anymore, he is going all in, the "terrorists" will be who this time? Muslim, Iran or China? We should not be surprised if the Chinese ruling class are in bed with the global ruling class and still allow a war, they probably want depopulation...
  7. Drareg

    COVID causes infertility but vaccines don’t

    This headline is a prime example of Hegelian dialectics at work. They now claim covid may cause infertility but the vaccines don’t, what this tells us they know vaccines are causing infertility and they need to blame covid. Peat spotted the potential fertility issue early on from covid19, good...
  8. Drareg

    Jane Bürgermeister EBOLA/COVID19

    I’ve stumbled across this lady recently, I’m still looking at her blog, she seemed to be associating with Alex Jones around 2010 so it’s possible she is a limited hangout but she is mentioning some interesting things about vaccines and pandemics since 2008. At the moment she is saying Ebola and...
  9. Drareg

    Bob Langer- Eugenics guy(Humanitarian)

    This guy is a scientist at MIT, clearly an intelligent individual but seems inclined to research everything around depopulation and digital tracking of people. Bill Gates is a huge fan of bob, bob is the dude who created the nano tattoo, bob is also one of founders of moderna, he became a...
  10. Drareg

    Adam Curtis ruling class imperialist shill?

    Adam Curtis has done some very good work, he is clearly highly intelligent, his latest series is called "can’t get you out of my head". I would encourage people to watch all his work, great soundtracks and informative. The latest series covers conspiracy theories and the possible reasons for...
  11. Drareg

    Biden’s Nominee for New Cabinet-Level Science Position Is Epstein-Linked Geneticist

    The fourth industrial revolution is tinged with eugenic narratives, the paedophile Epstein who was close to many in the FIR circles including bill Gates, we know Epstein’s desires around genetics, a ranch where who could inseminate multiple women etc. Now Epstein’s buddy Lander gets a newly...
  12. Drareg

    Future Predictions from Goobal trends 2040 and The Johns Hopkins Center 2025-28

    This report is interesting, just like the past predictions intelligence organizations and think tanks made many came true. The Johns Hopkins Center has released this report, we have covered this organization on here in relation to covid19, Alison McDowell also covers them quite well, they are...
  13. Drareg

    Michel Foucault was a Paedophile

    The messiah Michel Foucault of the woke brigade that is infecting our lives more so than covid19 is a paedophile, they use the word pederast, why I don’t know, the word was created by the ruling class to imply a difference between a paedophile and one who "only" has sex with teens, we know this...
  14. Drareg

    Bill Gates Foundation Funded Genomics Firm ‘Mining’ DNA Data Through COVID Tests.

    Bill Gates again, China again, we know he pays off the media for positive spin on his persona, the covid cult of parrots swallow said spin up and label everyone else a conspiracy theorist. Assisting the Chinese to mine American DNA, associating with a known child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein...
  15. Drareg

    Greta Thunberg Indian Farmers

    The Swedish woke omen Thunberg seems to have tweeted out a document with TMI from her handlers, a MSM blackout as usual when the chosen slips up. Indian farmers have been protesting against their government for months now, the gist of it is Bill Gates and the west want to colonize India, we in...