1. C

    Low Toxin Diet More Fiber Means More Bile Binding/Excretion, More Detoxification And A Happier Liver. Isn't More Better?

    The big question is: Why not eat as much as possible when the chart below indicates consuming over 100 grams is physiological?
  2. Mauritio

    MCTs and Coconut Milk increase bile excretion and activate FXR

    (*Coconut milk in the headline) These two study show that MCTs and Coconut milk increase bile acid excretion and inhibit re-absorption. It might very well be that the MCTs in coconut milk are responsbile for that effect, since it is about 50% lauric acid. I think that is an important point...
  3. J

    Artichoke extract, yellow stool

    Hi guys! I'm asking for my mother but why would Artichoke extract make the stool colour go from brown to yellow? I thought it was suppose to help bile flow. And yellow stool would indicate lack of bile no? So what is this extract doing if not improving that? Should she continue? She...
  4. J

    Okra oxalates

    Unsure if this is the correct place to post this but anyone know if there are oxalates in the mucilage of Okra. Or is it only in the skin? Thanks!
  5. J


    When is best time to use a binder of sorts? Bile is released during a meal, so is it ideal to use it right after eating? Or how about 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating? Or what if a supplement is used to help increase bile, such as artichoke, should a binder be used right after supplementing...
  6. youngsinatra

    Pregnenolone Stops Bile Production? (A Hint To Constipation?)

    I am curious about the effects of supplemental pregnolone on the liver/gallbladder and biliary secretion/excretion, because I noticed signs of poor bile output after a week of using it, esp. poorer fat absorption (slight malabsorption) and constipation. Because of my long-term struggle with a...
  7. G

    How does having no gallbladder affect estrogen clearance and reabsorption in the bile?

    Does anyone have good insights into the having no gallbladder, bile, and estrogen clearance? the liver converts t4 into t3 which turns cholesterol into hormones and bile salts. within the bile salts it clears out estrogens, hence why ray reccomends a carrot to clear out the bile in the...
  8. cs3000

    Low cholesterol is dangerous (cancer, suicide) + artichoke extract

    Ray peat posted before about this: Cholesterol, longevity, intelligence, and health. "In the last 20 years, there have been many studies showing that lowering cholesterol increases mortality, especially from cancer and suicide, and that people with naturally low cholesterol are more likely to...
  9. cs3000

    Increased Bile acid output with light exercise - interesting study / article

    Effect of physical exercise on bile and red blood cell lipids in humans equivalent to walking one hour at 5.5 km/h The sequence of control day (C) and exercise day (E) was...
  10. cs3000

    Taurine 30mg/kg improves fat digestion / absorption ~20% (bile connection) ^ Looks useful for people who get fatty stools / problems with low bile. Taurine conjugates fat soluable bile acids produced by the liver & gives them an added water soluble property which helps in the process of fat absorption through...
  11. A

    10 REASONS WHY PEOPLE WITH SIBO SHOULD CARE ABOUT BILE Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is commonly found in people with IBS. The small intestine houses a miniscule number of bacteria when compared to the colon. When bacteria overgrow in the small...
  12. fever257

    Huge step in gallbladder function w/ TUDCA - now what?

    Hey everyone, So I think I'll consider this an update to my last major post: Please Help: Endotoxin Overload & Post-parasite Gut Disaster . In this post, I described my persistent and near-debilitating gut issues. I long suspected the issue was rooted in some kind of dysbiosis / SIBO issue. I...
  13. Lokzo

    ?TUDCA: The Holy Grail For Liver Health?

  14. username

    Is it normal to get very pale stools from drinking lots of milk?

    I have consumed dairy regularly over the years, so it is nothing new for my body, but I never thought to ask if the pale stools were normal. I just assumed that it was, but so much is off about my digestion, so I figured I'd come here to ask. I get VERY pale stools from milk (whole or skim)...
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