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  1. Drareg

    Reddit thread on Megacorp

    Some random on Reddit with some lucid commentary on who owns the corporate groups controlling society, it’s part tinfoil but some good insights. View: https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/owpfc3/will_the_real_gme_bbemg_please_stand_up_part_1/ View...
  2. Drareg

    Big Pharma emits more greenhouse gases than the automotive industry

    Got love big pharma! The great reset and green new deal via the ruling class is drive us all toward a digital identity, the covid health pass is the doorway in, notice the change of wording with health pass, vaccine pass out, vaccine license was also thrown about. To save the planet and our...
  3. Drareg

    Midazolam Murders Covid19

    I reposting this here as a separate thread. It’s a great article and worth your time. Midazolam was used in Canada and the UK to treat elderly patients and speed up their death, I’m sure it was the same elsewhere, the evidence is coming from said countries first. MSM is starting to cover this...
  4. Drareg

    Mexican President falling out Big Pharma and COVID

    I just found this on twitter, can anyone confirm this? They are calling out big pharma for a global marketing campaign in relation to covid and vaccines. View: https://twitter.com/GillianMcKeith/status/1421366469095563265
  5. Drareg

    Norway paying compensation claims for Astrazeneca covid vaccine side effects

    The tax payer is paying of course, big pharma have indemnity as we already know. Its a small number but it’s a start, Im sure these payouts will only be made in western nations that have the money to pay the claim. Once the solicitors get wind of this new emerging market of covid vaccine side...
  6. Drareg

    Norway Changes Vaccine Guidelines After 23 Deaths

    As we suspected months ago on here, any deaths from vaccines will be cloaked in verbosity and vagueness, the usual terms rolled out such as "pre existing conditions" or they were old anyway and were due to die, this language or logic doesn’t apply when criticizing lockdowns, no deaths from covid...