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    Beet Root Increases Nitric Oxide?

    There's some talk around the net that eating beets or taking beetroot powder will increase the oxygen that gets into your blood, by taking the nitrate it contains and morphing it into NO2 which will then convert to NO, and increase athletic performance. I am again perplexed. How could a...
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    What's The Peatarian Attitude To Beets?

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    Beets Vs Raw Carrot Or Activated Charcoal

    One of the benefits of the raw carrot is that it binds to bile acids, which helps to excrete them with the toxins they contain. Here's a paper testing how much different vegetables bind to bile acids, in vitro. Beets bind to bile acids a bit more than twice as carrots. Link Note: Bile acids...
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    Are raw beets a good replacement for raw carrot salad? They are both root vegetables, so wouldn't beets have the same anti-fungal properties as the carrot as well as additional antioxidants?