1. Inaut

    The Healing Power Of The Hum

    The Healing Power of the Hum of the Humming Bees Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman CC BY 2.0 IMCBerea College To begin, we sing (or should we say hum!) the praises of the humming bee. This small but magnificent creature pollinates flowers, makes honey, and fills the world with its buzzing...
  2. haidut

    Insects May Be Just As Conscious As Us And In Some Aspects Greatly Exceed Us

    As many forum users likely know, the current dogma of biology is that only a few living organisms are fully "with it" like us. Those include the great apes, dolphins, and possibly elephants. As far as the millions of other living creatures on this planet - oh well, they are just automatons that...
  3. haidut

    Bees Are Capable Of Higher Learning Just Like Humans

    Peat wrote a few times about experiments with spiders and bees where the results showed that those organisms are perfectly capable of higher intelligence and can perform arithmetic operations, as well as guess intentions, plan for the future and even use tools. That last trait has been ascribed...
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