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beef liver

  1. D

    Theory, which may explain copper toxicity/deficiency/low cerruloplasmin

    I have been studying the topic of copper for a long time. I previously linked copper toxicity to my, ADHD(ADHD and copper toxicity). But I also have low cerruloplasmin and copper deficiency symptoms such as fatigue and balance problems. I intuitively understood that a person can be toxic and...
  2. A

    Using white sugar to hit my carbs/ Thiamine supplementation?

    Hi, I am 17 and getting into understanding the Peat way of eating. I have to consume 300+ grams of carbs a day as I am bodybuilding and sometimes it is not an easy feat without starch. It can also get expensive too. I have been eating fruit, fruit juices and sweet potatoes to hit my carbs so far...
  3. deliciousfruit

    Does liver from grain-fed animals contain vitamin A?

    In my country, the majority of liver you can buy seems to come from grain-fed animals. Would these livers even contain vitamin A, seeing as the animal needs carotene to make the vitamin A (frozen too, as you can't get fresh)? I've been eating lots of liver, and it hasn't really made me feel any...
  4. youngsinatra

    Unidentified Anti-Fatigue Factor in Beef Liver!

    The Weston A. Price Foundation wrote about the anti-fatigue factor and discussed a study that was done to prove the benefits: I would guess that the combination of B-vitamins, copper and retinol have a positive effect on energy production by raising ceruloplasmin, which provides bioavailable...