barrett's oesophagus

  1. H

    4 Months Of Barret's Like Symptoms - GP Refuses To Refer

    Wassup guys, to make a long story short I've been suffering with what I believe are Barret's symptoms for almost 4 months now. For 3 /12 months it was nausea all the time and excessive burping. The nausea is now gone but I have muscle weakness/neuropathy, a feeling of fullness in my gullet and a...
  2. haidut

    GERD Drugs (PPI) Cause Esophageal Cancer - The Very Disease They Should Prevent

    Forum users who follow my posts have probably noticed the number of threads I have posted exposing the fraud and ineffectiveness of the PPI drugs commonly prescribed for GERD. Another user who likely shares my passion against the PPI is @aguilaroja who will likely find the study sadly...
  3. haidut

    Aspirin (but Not Other NSAID) Treats Barrett’s Esophagus And Possibly GERD

    The good news for aspirin just keep on coming. I posted a few studied in the past about GERD and its progressions Barrett’s esophagus, and esophageal cancer being caused by inflammation and not stomach acid. As such, PPI drugs are probably useless for treating and preventing GERD (since they...
  4. Endocrinologist

    Methylene Blue And Red Light - Caution
  5. B

    Excessive Burping

    I've been burping on/off for weeks now, some days a lot, some days not at all, some days just a bit. I supplement with magnesium, 300-600mg aspirin (when I feel bad, maybe every... 2-4 days? Usually 300mg, 600mg rarely) and 1-2 tablespoons of gelatin a day. I do not believe these are the causes...
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