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    Bananas May Increase Blood Level Of Dopamine!

    Hyperkalemia and hyperdopaminemia induced by an obsessive eating of banana in an anorexia nervosa adolescent. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Banana is known as a dopamine-rich and potassium-rich food, however no previous data regarding biochemical or psychological alteration induced by excess intake...
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    Serotonin And Dopamine Content In Bananas

    Serotonin, Norepinephrine, and Related Compounds in Bananas | Science Quoting the table - Value is the result obtained on three bananas Considering the average weight of pulp - 130 g Avg weight of peel - 60 g Pulp Serotonin - 28 mcg/g or 3.7 mg/banana Norepinephrine - 1.9 mcg/g or 0.25...
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    Very High Dopamine Content Of Banana Peels

    it was so interesting for me so i shared it High content of dopamine, a strong antioxidant, in Cavendish banana. - PubMed - NCBI A strong water-soluble antioxidant was identified in the popular commercial banana Musa cavendishii. It is dopamine, one of the catecholamines. For suppressing the...
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    What's A Matta Wit Da Banana?

    If you are up against the wall on liquid intake and needing density, how detrimental is going with a few bananas a day? Based on an estrogen in fruit chart that Danwich posted in another thread, the estrogen content of dates and other dried fruit is through the roof. Bananas are low. Peat...
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    Is The Starch In Banana The Dangerous "raw" Kind?

    ?? Is there any way you can convert the starch to sugar. If you just leave it on the counter it putrifies and does not taste very good any more?
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    Basically, all I glean from PEat is they're bad. But I must ask. Why? I do not want to hear - they increase serotonin etc - apparently all carbohydrates do that. Also they have lower levels that Russets!
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