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  1. haidut

    Even 25min Of Running May Be Too Much

    In confirmation of Ray's stance against endurance exercise, this latest study showed that performing as few as 3 weekly sessions of running each of them 25min long is enough to disturb the hormone balance heavily in favor of cortisol and induce a catabolic state...
  2. Y

    How Can U Balance Phosphate From Meat With Calcium?

    I realize even eating 1-2 serves of meat/fish per day can stuff things up with calcium/phosphate ratio. Having a look at the phosphate content in other foods like eggs and oysters, it seems they even have a phosphate content of around 200mg or more, when eating a decent serve (75g - 150g). And...
  3. L

    Sodium/Potassium Balance

    Cronometer has come out with some new features (for gold plan members). They show a PRAL Alkalinity scale, zinc : copper ratio, calcium : magnesium ratio, and sodium : potassium ratio. Any of these could be a topic in itself. As you probably know, RP recommended diet is pretty low in sodium...
  4. haidut

    Even protein distribution in meals is healthier than a bolus

    This may sound rather obvious, but until at least 2010 the consensus "expert" opinion was that protein was protein no matter how and when you consume it. In fact, some "nutritionists" were advocating eating most of the protein at night. A high dose of protein will drastically lower blood sugar...
  5. D

    Calcium Requirement Or Ca-P Ratio?

    Is it the calcium/phosphate ratio that is of more importance to your requirements for calcium, or, is it that you need thousands of milligrams per day, regardless?