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  1. TMCMac

    Whats some good idea lab supps and lifestyle changes that can increase confidence, assertiveness, and lower anxiety/ fear?

    Ive been experimenting with a few things to optimize this. Obviously diet first and avoiding pufa to optimize testosterone levels. Some things I have noticed help are bromantane for dopamine, niacinamide and thiamine, magnesium help with anxiety and fear a bit. Also heard black seed has a...
  2. DeadCatBounce

    Any idea how to separate Benfotiamine and microcrystalline cellulose ?

    Found a relatively pure supplement from a local manufacturer that has the benfotiamine in a gelatine capsule with some microcrystaline cellulose. Any way to remove the cellulose ?
  3. V


    Hi- From what I’ve read on here I’m in need of B1. I’m looking for suggestions for a good thiamine B1. I have hypothyroidism, pituitary growth (99) and thalassemia minor. Started HRT 3 weeks ago. Currently on Cabergoline & Armor. Started Dr. Peat protocols 2 weeks ago. Can’t get my temperature...
  4. youngsinatra

    Does Coffee Inhibit B1 Absorption?

    I've read multiple times that compounds in coffee can inhibit thiamin absorption. I am wondering if it inhibits it completely or just partly? I like taking 200mg of thiamin HCL with my meals and I really love a good espresso or two after some meals. I am wondering if it has any real effect...