1. Mauritio

    Early treatment with OTC's reduces Covid hospitalizations to zero

    In this study, they looked at the difference between treating people less or more than 3 days after COVID-19 symptoms started. They treated the people with a combination of - Aspirin 100mg - indomethacin 75-100mg - omeprazole 20mg - A combination of flavonoids: hesperidin, quercetin and...
  2. Mauritio

    Coronavirus spike protein creates inflammation via CD147, antibiotics treat

    Another study on the infamous spike protein: So there's several studies showing that the SARS-cov-2 spike protein binds to a protein called basigin or CD147 . This can damage the pericytes in the heart, which can lead to aneurysms and other problems. CD147 is a marker of inflammation and...
  3. L

    Antibiotics Eliminate Senescent Cells Associated With Ageing what n intriguing paper. STandard doses shoould be sufficient to achieve senolytic blood-levels. I've also seen this one that paves a simlar...
  4. nullredvector

    Azithromycin, CFS, And Acetylcarnitine

    I randomly took a 3 tab zpak of azithromycin that I had laying around and after a day of die-off/worsening of flu-like symptoms (cypro helped counteract this) I experienced 2-3 days (until the last azithro wore off) of what I'd effectively call remission. Someone on the Facebook group tipped me...
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