1. Drareg

    China and Imperial College London

    Imperial College London have been an axiom of sorts throughout the covid saga, Professor Neil Ferguson and his alarmist models are a big factor in lockdowns, Ferguson was caught during lockdown with a married woman who was breaching the covid restrictions, the BBC still see him as a legitimate...
  2. Drareg

    Big Tech’s Energy usage

    This article is worth your time, the writer is a sincere Green and lefty, we don’t have to agree on everything but this article contains some gems, she believes CO2 is bad for example, outside of a context of asphyxiation people are ill informed about CO2. Basically big tech is hailed as the...
  3. Drareg

    Matt Hancock covid contract corruption

    Matt Hancock basically gave covid contracts to his friends, like Boris Johnston it’s highly likely he is another compromised politician, he has connections to many around Jeffrey Epstein like Nicole junkermann. Nicole junkermann an Epstein associate is involved with the NHS through the UK...
  4. Drareg

    Woke dictionary/lexicon

    This website provides a good dictionary to translate what wokists are pumping into society. They want capitalism dismantled and believe a commie style utopia will be the result, the ideas are verbose and vague, it’s designed this way for good reason, most cults have this hallmark, its the use of...
  5. Drareg

    UK Government/tax payer now main funder of MSM newspapers

    A really good informative article on how newspapers are on the hook to government/tax payer funding, this is the reason they are towing the covid cult line. Basically big companies are not advertising while their businesses are closed, think McDonald’s, this is a big drop in income for news...
  6. Drareg

    Blended Finance AKA wealth transfer 2.0

    The next big scam for the ruling classes further enrichment is called blended finance, tax payer money mixed with private sector money in the name of "humanitarianism", let’s be honest though, it’s the unelected central bank printing money and handing it to the ruling class, the ruling class...
  7. Drareg

    Covid infections were declining before UK lockdown 3.0

    Graphs like this really trigger the covid cult. How long before the parrots need a new source of entertainment/drama? How long can they keep re-watching the covid sitcom? At what point will the parrots ask why the PCR test is still being run at 45 cycles? Will this question need to be posed...
  8. Drareg

    Zero Covid strategy/cult

    As we predicted on here the covid cult like all cults would splinter at some point, we now have the "zero covid campaign" set up by the Israeli Yaneer Bar-Yam, he is based in the USA, Nassim Taleb is a big fan of Yaneer, Taleb also has a cult following, for the most part Taleb is a delusional...
  9. Drareg

    Wall Street Bets V The Ruling Class

    Wall Street Bets is a Reddit thread started in 2012, it was mainly for folks looking for stocks/stonks to buy or short, as the years passed it grew, I signed up in 2018, after the covid market drop they passed 1 million users, a few days ago this jumped to over 5 million. It’s user base really...
  10. Drareg

    Switzerland referendum on Lockdowns

    Switzerland uses direct democracy as a form of governance, if you get 50,000 signatures you can call a referendum, the ruling class must hate this, it’s probably the only country on earth that has a semblance of democracy present. They have had enough of the covid authoritarianism and want to...
  11. bzmazu

    BE UNSHAKEABLE. Don't Be Affected By Events

  12. Geronimo

    The Danger Of Intellectual Rigidity

    I'm starting to write opinion pieces in the hopes of them getting picked up by an independent news source, even if they don't pay me. The following post is something I typed up on my phone tonight. I only put like 2 hours into it, so it's very far from being done. I was hoping to get some notes...
  13. Inaut

    Being Forced To Wear Masks. Yes No Maybe So

    Just curious to see what everybody thinks about accepting authoritarian measures related to this covid hoohaa. Where I live, masks have become mandatory in all public places.... I have a problem with wearing a mask as it shows that I support this agenda(my opinion for all those who believe...