1. M

    900mg Asprin a day reduces my oedema.

    Have been taking 900mg dissolved asprin a day in three or four divided doses. It has made a significant improvement to my lower leg oedema. How long can I carry on taking it for at these doses? What’s the worse that can happen?
  2. D

    Asprin solution for mpb?

    Hey everybody, Ive been looking for an alternative to minoxidil to combat the stress related hairloss on my temples. I think minoxidil is unhealthy and Aspirin would work in a similar way without the Nitric oxide boost. I'm working on fixing my diet & trying to minimize stress as much as...
  3. Sam321

    Asprin/Coconut Oil Enema Potential Solution For Fungus

    So I haven't seen any threads on here that address this, but have heard both coconut oil and aspirin could work wonders on fungus. The only problem being they are mostly absorbed before they hit the colon. 1. Would there be any draw backs to doing an aspirin and/or coconut oil enema? 2. If no...
  4. Lizb

    Dose of aspirin for mild cognitive impairment/dementia please? K2 also?

    Ray said: Things that increase the metabolic rate improve memory, reaction time, etc., relax bladder, build muscle. Vitamin D, high calcium intake (two liters/day low fat milk), aspirin, angiotensin receptor blockers, thyroid, progesterone and DHEA (5 mg), adequate protein, bowel regularity...
  5. A

    Bruising Easily From Asprin

    I find that if I take an asprin daily that I start to bruise for no reason and get purple spots (Petechiae?). Looking for options to strengthen my blood vessels. From what I can see Vitamin K is a good place to start. Any other insight? Note - I am celiac and have hashimotos. I typically take...