1. Lizb

    Dose of aspirin for mild cognitive impairment/dementia please? K2 also?

    Ray said: Things that increase the metabolic rate improve memory, reaction time, etc., relax bladder, build muscle. Vitamin D, high calcium intake (two liters/day low fat milk), aspirin, angiotensin receptor blockers, thyroid, progesterone and DHEA (5 mg), adequate protein, bowel regularity...
  2. A

    Bruising Easily From Asprin

    I find that if I take an asprin daily that I start to bruise for no reason and get purple spots (Petechiae?). Looking for options to strengthen my blood vessels. From what I can see Vitamin K is a good place to start. Any other insight? Note - I am celiac and have hashimotos. I typically take...