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    Too Much Ashwagandha, Now Serotonin Syndrome? Please Help

    Hey guys, I made an account here specifically to get some help with this question. I wanted to take ashwagandha for anti anxiety purposes. I ended up taking ashwagandha and rhodiola for about 1 month. The thing is I was taking A LOT of them both. I took about 1.5 tablespoons of powdered...
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    What are your opinions on Ashwagandha? It possesses strong anti-cortisol effects, and it regulates thyroid function, the latter I find kind of scary, but perhaps for one-time doses it could be useful for its anti-cortisol effect. Is it safe? Thanks!
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    I've read from several different sites that ashwagandha is a good supplement that supports adrenal health and T4 production. I've never heard Peat mention anything about it though. Is it useful or just a waist of time?